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  • Ima genius
  • Kid genius
  • Niggas say prayers to the piece
  • Like its Jesus
  • Don't show emotion
  • Cause that shit a weakness
  • Invited to Nasa
  • And now niggas speechless
  • Just copped a Porsche
  • I'm not taking the bus
  • Look who's among us
  • Nah that nigga sus
  • I drop a band on a bitch if I wish it
  • She on me and this shit explicit
  • Im like that nigga
  • The one into physics
  • Swap me the apple
  • I'll throw you the brick
  • I put the drip in the world like Im Jeeko
  • Fresh to Deaf when I step
  • And you can't hear shit
  • I've been around for the shit
  • Call it Reload
  • Niggas be clowns for a six second clip
  • Im getting high in this shit like a keynote
  • Don't scam for money yeah
  • My shit legit


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  • The hourglass cracks and sand slips through my fingers
  • As I’m destined to develop a different demeanor
  • Just the sound of my younger self playin through the speakers
  • A laughin kid, a pacifist, adventurous, eager
  • Age gifts me more time not spent with the reaper
  • But I’m supposed to sit and act like it ain’t injured me either?
  • The cogs keep turnin that are meant to deceive us
  • The body’s burnin, it’s best if we keep shut
  • I merely dwell in this shell of my former self
  • We’ll reject and still expect some form of help
  • Last night I lay in the coffin and dreamed I was livin
  • Fuck responsibility, my soul sees only children
  • We needlessly give our lives to meaningless digits
  • And grieve for those misfits who seemed to be different
  • This disease is the sickness that keeps us in business
  • As I finish writin, giant hands cross me off the hitlist

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