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  • Yo Orange it’s for you
  • Hey you orange
  • Your basically a sporange
  • Why are you so annoying
  • Annoying like a sting through my brain
  • But guess what there's a new king
  • Always Bluffing nyanyanya
  • Why are you so round
  • Bounding through the stairs
  • You cant come to the ground n fight
  • You have so yellow teeth
  • Well guess what look beneath
  • No hands
  • Huh So stop giving us demands
  • No feet
  • No beat
  • (You cant even eat yo yo yo yo)x2
  • No Nose
  • It’s a pose
  • For dose
  • No ears
  • I eat pears
  • You are so naughty
  • All your friends are talky(echo)
  • Stop motorboating till you pass out
  • I think you should take a roundabout to log out
  • You cant even read
  • So go eat bread
  • And drink some chad
  • (Your so dumb
  • Look what you’ve become
  • Yum yum yum)
  • yum yum yum
  • Dont where pants
  • Your life is at glance
  • Lets Dance
  • cant stop farting
  • but i am starving
  • You heared me write
  • its a tough fight
  • look at your height


  • Be seeing pussy venom, from Spider-Man or that trader
  • don't call me a fake player, I've never seen a hater
  • When I'm older I'll be a debater, give me wisdom, rapping later
  • never had failure, Just see venom, explosion Spider-Man died
  • I got no time for Wolverine he died twice the venom got all the way to his spine
  • Thor and his hammer, light-cried, the Villains' name is Venom to superior to get up
  • He be Lazing all day, Bombs on the clock, He okay, never does damage just Venom
  • They can't move no credentials, Spider-Man's webs are bloody , Dead-Pool dead cause he's twenty
  • Money on cause I'm ready, 2022 new version of Venom , no diversion he never gets up sucks you up like a lollipop
  • He pulls no costume he hits hard with tongue he be licking them tears and blood, Hoodies on Spider-Man
  • Boogie to the beat, He got hit with Venom That's just a very sad defeat, S on Spider-Man Change it to a V\
  • he turned Venomous Be striking people ain't a hero he's called number one's zero he lost all his compassion he's ruthless
  • no bowing that's how the Venom goes 2020 corona is the go that's the Venom keeps hitting hard
  • ain't called a retard it's Venom. Peter Parker try to fight, But Venom uses him as a toothpick
  • ain't slick, Spider-Man takes no chance, he just needs to advance cause it's Venom ain't eleven
  • engine heating up Venom takes a bite of his hair spits it out then he swears, he causes nightmares that's his game
  • he loves to blame Spider-Man for his decisions ain't a witness he just comes from the shade
  • climbing buildings ain't afraid, Venom come never runs, problems with him teeth are sharp could eat thousands made a mark
  • he destroyed Spider-Man called him a death-seeker cause Venom licks his lips no game
  • Then Spider-Man webs on Venom eats his poison he's gone, a different fight for Saturday.

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