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  • Stupid, dumb 'n undeserving, shit's worthless shit
  • wanting to battle me? you must be dumb ass nigga mopping outta street
  • They wince at pop music and stop stupid cuz they dumb wack niggas
  • Eatin niggas, Killin niggas, makin dope music.
  • As deep as Dawson's Creek and shit
  • I'll roundhouse you into a fucking basket shit
  • Tyler the Creator invented some new shit that's me you will never
  • G.O.A.T King
  • When I'm knocking, you better run whith your little hoe!
  • Me? I'm Wolf, you can call me Tyler though
  • Y'all niggas come last, I'm first though
  • Wale and K'naan, they don't know is there radio
  • the duration of my waves from the stereos and radio,
  • Make your parents change the radio station
  • Niggas buy ringers can't pay their bill though
  • People love Hodgy I hate you though
  • What type of nigga to jerk off to his own sex tape
  • Spitting caution tape, paying homage, say,you hoe!
  • Your VCR tape cases, with your Ambien CR
  • Off the top Cr-ocker pot/
  • This the shit that get cripple bitches to hop
  • Hahaha ha ha man ,you don't know who you messing with man
  • Areal rap disaster,if you really wanna battle
  • Silly man you're weak like seven days,you deserve Boos


  • Love this ain't ordinary love
  • this is a promise from jesus my god and my lord
  • never touched it sour never been bitter, killed him down the cross like they thought he ain't a winner
  • This is the Love of God the Blood of Christ, he survived from the strikes he cried
  • Said Oh my Lord Forgive these people, that's the love he went deeper
  • call him a leader, more like a preacher, never needs Hell cause You'll Die ain't a fresh supply of living organisms
  • The Devil want to make you a victim, this is God's system a loop of Love
  • this was just written, From the whip of a cane, to bloody ashes, he survived rose the next day just gaining the real deal
  • no Feeling of pain He got the Father he cried to his will, never strived he just got revived that's his choices cause he chose the right one
  • Heard God's voices, from the nail on his hand, to the blood from his Throat, he said God's the Most High
  • He got Love ain't a choke, never a sinner , he's the one who used his blood, why not us because we disobeyed his law
  • He got some LOVE while we had no for him, he got a promise coming back to earth within, only the righteous will follow him
  • Within these minutes, more than one minute Jesus will come like a thief in the night, he ain't want you collecting a bronze medal
  • But platinum alright , Came from the bottom and rose to the top, not more than three days flat, he broke a record for saving us people
  • He got the Love to begin with we were sinners like we took a pot of gold, that ain't called a winner, he knows anything you say
  • Wisdom and strength ain't used for Evil His love be so great, he ain't chopping liver, but chopping our sins
  • So don't sin again or spiritual you strike him to the cross to bloody ropes to begin. Jesus got betrayed by one of his disciples but ain't called them a rival
  • he kissed him on his forehead, but it was actually a smack to his chest, like a stabbed bloody knife he betrayed him and the rest.

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