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  • <boom>
  • yeah I'm radioactive,
  • while you're passive,
  • my capacity is massive,
  • while you just got lucky,
  • with your lucky, lucky wishes
  • while I do lots of hardwork,
  • see those scars and those stiches,
  • caused by those assholes and bitches,
  • when everybody with you ditches,
  • and you are left alone...
  • cuz I'm R-A-D-I-O-A-C-T-I-V-E


  • My life is like a stupid war between me and my will to live
  • One of these days I'll get another friend of mine killed
  • Whether It's because of stupid actions or negligence
  • Life keeps fucking me over like premarital sex
  • And 2020 isn't helping, it's just a nightmare
  • I'm getting people obsessed over me,
  • I ruin other people that I don't even know emotionally
  • So maybe I am in the wrong here, maybe I'm the bully
  • I guess Atlantian was right, just shoot your bullets through me
  • Maybe I'm the kid who didn't understand
  • He causes the main problems of rap pad
  • So I've come so far in this song wanting just to bury a hatchet
  • What good is it to be the best alive if life is meaningless
  • So let's just call this the end of the war and fucking move on
  • But I'm not stopping the beef unless you apologize
  • This isn't my fault tho like Eminem said "There's a certain line you don't cross and you crossed it"
  • Five years from now you'll look back and remember me
  • Either for quitting, sharing RIOT's faith or having a good destiny

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