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  • Danking saying you da best,
  • Your a pest like a the rest
  • My hot fire is too much
  • fall back, tear you down on a car tow
  • Into next tomorrow
  • shoot you with my arrow
  • Please don't even start with that king nonsense
  • Don't you get the memmo? is this Elmo?!
  • think you'da best, I see you with all dem diomands and Gold.
  • All them Diomands and Gold are Fake!
  • Look at me not even trying, chillin' with my coke, don't choke
  • My bars are so high, Your raps bring me to a lluloby,
  • Choke some more, Your throat is all dry
  • I don't know Why you still even wanna try
  • Just die
  • You speak doodoo
  • like poo
  • I thought this was Freestyle? Not a preach from the 02(1702),
  • Boy you ain't got no clones
  • I'll use my jutsu, My raps are gonna sew you
  • My tricks decieve you they fool you
  • Hmm, seems your still chokin', Your pills ain't workin',
  • No wonder it rains, Your bars are too low
  • Every thunder shock I'm comin' for you
  • Rain, I'm the next little wayne
  • Let me take you on my rap train
  • Couldn't even wash your own two shoes
  • Think they even real?
  • LIES!
  • Boy you got that crap at a thrift store,
  • Boy you freakin' poor,
  • Wait, you broke?
  • Yeah, made those with sticks and stones
  • You a dead fly!
  • Boy you washed up!
  • Crying every cuz I roasted you,
  • You sorry azz beat..


  • Nigga I never said I was the bes
  • talkin all shit yea you jus like the rest
  • Im callin' yo bluff yea
  • there ain't no discussion
  • I keep it a hunnid
  • I keep two I'm bussin
  • twin glocks make you regret the choice
  • to fuck wit me keep it real
  • did you order two rounds of gettin yo ass kicked with that meal?
  • You won't do shit cause you ain't real
  • can't see yo face cause you keep it concealed
  • after this lyrical murder theres nothin left to be healed.

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