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dark humor only, if it's against community guide lines fuck it, send it anyway, let's just have fun with this shit

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  • you ever wonder if you're the shit when you sit on your desktop
  • typing in these lyrics? like you wanna be the best but everywhere you go
  • you can't escape the burning in your chest. the same pain i deliver to each vain by stabbing it
  • with a rusted screw hot from a flame, the same flame i burned a church with,
  • fuck jesus and who ever else you believe in. you can't see em', but you can
  • see me and best believe i'm real as a rape scene cause now you're so fucked going against
  • me, take you for disadvantage worse than monica lewinsky. no running,
  • you trash whore, who can't see you no more important than rappad if it was just singing.
  • i never even battled but i can start a war with such off spring. worse than i was drowning babies in
  • a pool full of gasoline and some embalming fluid, you're probable gonna be more fluent and aim for
  • more personal hits, like you know how i live, like you have any idea who might be my real parents.
  • i'm a bastard case i'll say it face to face, at least i'm not some degenerate ignorant humanity
  • disgrace. fuck you're life bitch and fuck your mom who gave you permission to breathe you some
  • sick shit who should start to slit wrists once you leave, with
  • your faggots just dick strokin or rap chokin, i tell no difference cause this battles no more
  • important than an accidental abortion. it's
  • 16 lines i got charged fines ever since i could write
  • in between these lines with such a crazy mind i utilize to be mine in such a fucked up mind such as
  • mine. go fuck your sister and tell the kid he'll be out of the house by next semester. on rap pad
  • you either country, wet back or nigger, 60 cents a day slave
  • i'll work your ass off the entire winter. man or woman it don't matter, i'll
  • give you more mental problems than some retard stuck in the third grade
  • due to rapist parents who smoke meth all day. i'm not the best but at least i can go home tonight
  • and smack both your parents, report me bitch i need a reason to find out
  • where you live, keep one eye open, you didn't see this comin, i'm the fuckin kkk on the subject.
  • cross burnings, white power over some black lives who think they
  • should matter, i'm on powder so after everything in these notes, smile punk bitch and take a few
  • jokes


  • thread? use ur head, u dont even wanna battle
  • thats an even more idiotic idea than eve eatin the apple
  • u see this is emceein n ur just speakin that babble
  • so please cease that bullshit cuz the truth just gets unwraveled
  • the gavels get slammed, the right hand of the law rules
  • im the judge of true hip-hop, true hip-hop is not you
  • you are a kid on the net just thinkin hes cool
  • thinkin that he can rhyme facts but each line lacks the truth
  • your youth so sit back and take notes from the vets
  • your neck deep in rhyme debts and hands stay outreached for free checks
  • but we vets just spit death in your face
  • laugh at your corny ass flows and your slowly paced race
  • your fake just face the facts kid
  • your porceline exterior cracks to reveal the whackness
  • so practice ya spits, research and gather up wits
  • reply when your word river isnt floodin out bits
  • i rips ya lyrically, im a higher degree in theoretical chemistry
  • i physically shake you to the core like parkinson ministries
  • i deminish emcees, replenish ur needs then seize em fast with one swing of my finishing steez
  • my finishing move, cock back and slam the mic against your chest
  • dj the beats of broken ribs and the scratches of broken breaths

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