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Battle on September 18 2020


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  • you gonna witness my ascension
  • boolin like its an obsession
  • pull up with the smith and Wesson
  • to teach a bitch a lesson
  • bitch class back in session
  • debt due to transgression
  • flow like arithmetic progression
  • but I aint no mathematician
  • passin all the opposition
  • like there is no competition
  • in adition, you cannot compete with my precision
  • mozart level in my composition
  • poppin off like nuclear fission
  • when i speak you better fucking listen
  • cause imma make it my mission
  • to force all the opposition into submission


  • Alright looks like there is a new man on the street
  • but looks like he don't know the man running this beat
  • so let me rise this flame with my lyrical heat
  • my name is no importance to the man i am facing
  • if the rap game was running i dont even need racing
  • cuz i can beat any sucker without even pacing
  • got it so easy like them shoes i am lacing
  • just one thing just try not to be offended
  • especially if i caught you off guard consider yourself rear-ended
  • if your winning then dont even consider
  • cuz i make them girls follow me like as if i was twitter
  • just know that if she messages me ima get with her
  • ha

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