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18-20 lines. Tall about your past.

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  • I remember when i hid weed in the arms of the futon
  • Bars everyday hid my identity like mulan
  • AK 47, uzi, and a smith and wesson AR, i stayed armed
  • Pounds in the closet, always breaking down cigars
  • Had to get away from that shit man i got addicted
  • To the pills, the thrills, acting wild but something was missing
  • Had to find myself, almost overdosed quite an affliction
  • Took the lethal dose, percocet i am not kidding
  • Mixed with xanax, lean, and others i cant remember
  • She slapped me awake and saved my life that was last december
  • I was a mess, when she left, that's all i remember
  • Tried to impress, everyone while i burn like embers
  • Distract myself from the pain i caused
  • The facts were in my face i know
  • I ignored it and kept taking those
  • Digging myself a deeper hole
  • Fell in love with a hoe from way back
  • Got her pregnant i know a mistake yeah
  • Then she set me up just like a snake yeah
  • 2 niggas, 2 guns in my fucking face, yeah.


  • I used to be the kid that
  • Would always get called a nigger
  • Just cause the white boys were bigger
  • I used to go home an hol a gun up to my head but
  • I would never really pull the fuckin trigger
  • So I decided I was gonna drown my life in liquor
  • Then I started rapping an I rapped quicker
  • Than some of these sinister plotting
  • Bitch rapper little sisters
  • Yea I thought my life was easy
  • But then I realized nothin was like tv
  • Then I really started to rap I was in the e.p
  • Then the craziest shit happened an my son was born
  • Suddenly I loved something deeply
  • But my fuckin ex was greedy
  • And completely fuckin sleezed me
  • Never thought I'd at least be dead or
  • Tryna be cause honeslty b
  • I gotta put on for my whole fuckin city
  • Even though they against me.

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