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I don't care what you fucking write about

Max of 18 lines


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  • She sucks my dick
  • My dick
  • My dick
  • My dick
  • My dick
  • My motherfucking lovely ass dick
  • My motherfucking small ass dick
  • I loved it and cum so fuck this shit


  • Call me Super Lady because I got the abs of steel
  • Weather your a dude or a chick I bet you be glad to feel
  • But I hate to be touched I'm not your private part
  • If you hate to be punched avoid my line of sharks
  • Said my rhymes are bad let me see what you've written
  • I'm reading all of this and I'm like you gotta be kidding
  • It's funny because the verse is the joke you have no flow
  • A rapper raps a poet writes you can't rap you have to go
  • A battle well how does it feel to lose to a chick?
  • Holding on to your manhood now your losing your grip
  • Jamal Kacey Where's your bra at is it them in them
  • Because you have less nuts in you than a pack of M and Ms
  • You have more breast than a chick your one period dude
  • If your lost then you need to find a serious clue
  • That's why you have to pay a hoe to suck your little Johnny
  • That's some future you got but mines is brighter oddly

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