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  • Verse one:
  • where you from, eff yo whole crew
  • I just screwed the bish that just screwed you
  • Outta all your cash, nothin you can do
  • And I stick around like an effin' tattoo
  • Your flow washed up you the
  • washed up crew
  • Guns in the jeep as we pullin up to you
  • We about to do a sweep as we
  • yellin' out Su Wu
  • And yo future looks bleak cuz we
  • bangin' without truce
  • Suicide attack someone go and
  • get the noose
  • As I hear the beat drop I'm
  • about to go loose
  • Verse two:
  • Smoke blow out the window,
  • call it summer haze
  • Starin' down the barrel bet that
  • you seen better days
  • Tell me what more can I say,
  • I can kill it all day
  • Speed dialed the coroner,
  • got some bodies for ya
  • Blood on the carpet, death in the beat
  • And I keep it G always like I'm
  • straight up off the street
  • Hustle like I need it, flow is ice cold
  • And I'd tell you that I killed it
  • But we already know
  • And I mean it when I say that's
  • the way the story goes
  • Leave the King in the castle
  • Deheaded flows
  • Verse three:
  • I only got half way thru , I felt like calling
  • yogi cuz your shet is boo boo
  • A picnic basket with only fruit,
  • but at least you rep what you do
  • You can call my name be in and
  • out them haters mouth
  • Yall see what i bust and
  • trust you gonna throw in the towel
  • Fuck a metaphor , I don't need
  • you to see the picture
  • You probobly a sleeper,
  • I'm n addict your a tweakr in the mixture
  • Open your eyes nd try to focus,
  • its like Apollo wrote this
  • I'm not a god a simple locus, and. A vocalist


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  • Repeat of yesteryear lesser the beer
  • Mind clear as meth shards from peers
  • Im harder than fear
  • See the hope with decisions of incisions
  • Claiming victim
  • That's me isn't
  • It fit to the survival tip
  • Im in the jungle with a Lions dick
  • For lioness
  • hunt or be hunted amongst us
  • In a world where only fucks are given by the immature
  • And the ones sold are for business till drop to floor
  • Bold when i spit this never told if i witness
  • Wearin couture No snitch bitch
  • Like your mirror image
  • Deterior rate increases with pussy pissin
  • In their garments from me harmin puttin my cards in
  • Regardless
  • If you're at the wal of the mart still a target
  • Get your money fuck barter the bargain
  • Calls from the start shots all in
  • Swish larry bird shit
  • No contest for my verdict you're worthless I've determined

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