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Write about food you like or food you dislike.

Max of 18 lines


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  • I no longer eat fast food because it's freaking nasty
  • When you eat a such in such burger who gets freaking gassy?
  • They don't even clean the stuff properly how gross is that?
  • So much junk in that bag am I supposed to choke in gag?
  • How do I know if that food is real it sounds unappetizing
  • When I cook my own food I know it's pure and satisfying
  • Who wants to eat a rat they giving in to tarnish
  • Because I see them everyday just digging in my garbage
  • A rat is a rat some humans are rats and that is a fact
  • An act is a act I'm keeping it real and that is intact
  • Also this place is obese that fat is unhealthy
  • Live a healthier lifestyle and you will feel wealthy
  • Lose weight lift weights here's a weight it can't wait
  • Concentrate avoid these foods you won't gain any weight
  • Eating good eating less staying active hearts official
  • I eat whole foods because fast food is so artificial
  • They should be ashamed for serving this toxic food
  • It makes you sick if consumed too much so watch it too


  • I hate Ariah's food it's nasty it taste like catfish
  • And a little bit of trashy
  • I prefer a good burger home of the good burger
  • it's simple and it aint too flashy
  • Don't get too close to Mariah when they get gassy
  • Better excuse yourself when you pass me
  • I guess your food really is nasty
  • You should be in the real hell's kitchen for that awful cooking
  • I don't know what the rock is cooking but it sure ain't that
  • I like barbeque chicken when it's fall off the bone but not fat
  • I know sure as he'll you can't cook that
  • I like mango smoothies after I finish running the track
  • If you ever cooked a meal for me you already know
  • I'll let the dogs eat that
  • I ain't a chef but I can cook a meal better than shat
  • Sorry sir or mam I like my food to at least be healthy for rats

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