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Kill me lyrically

Max of 24 lines


IXM won this battle!


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  • This is a devilish battle,
  • I’m coming in blacks like an illuminati *DARK CHURCH*
  • We ain't just lyrically bitching, these are sacrificial motives
  • I'm killing you like it's a *BLOOD FEST*
  • My bars are tastier than confectioneries
  • and enough to make these *crowd thirst*
  • As I'm cracking through your *SKULL FIRST*,
  • strategizing this win and predicting what you gonna *FART(spit) NEXT*
  • shooting you like a hunter and trapping you in my *RAP NEST*
  • and indeed I'm a hip hop king and you're just another *TRAP PEST*
  • feeding on broke rhymes and premature lines, I'm prolly gone call you a *FRAT FED*
  • You’re getting killed by IXM a higher caliber MC while u spitting bars of *9*
  • Like a vibrator my bars will fuck u up fast or slow, my lyricism is straight and rough by *design*
  • Leave you hanging bare, clothes off praying to me cause you know I’m *divine*
  • Fuck You I’m now sick and its time to murder you kid
  • Look as I rain bullets and make you worn out and bleed
  • Soon you will be broken and I’ll make you plead
  • My lines already has made you nuts and made you scream
  • My lines are crazy give u multiple understanding like an OBJ question
  • I piss on ur blazed raps with my bars like an OPJ version
  • This is a battleground but not for all who search it
  • I’m ain’t yet Scofield but in here I got the blue prints on
  • I just slaughtered your whole and burnt down your soul,
  • These lines left you cursed and super perplexed


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  • i pull up with fame spent 10 mill on my gold chain. i'm only eleven and still
  • makes cash now that's insane. chew chew chew here comes the train. about
  • to crush all your dreams. bout to end your career. now i hope you start to
  • tremble in fear. now you know who the best rapper is on the hole galaxy i'm
  • gonna be the next fantasy you see cause i'ma roast you till you go back to
  • where you came from probably the country. this is why you got 5 million
  • fans oh wait that's Justin Bieber. You got none. now that's funny. i bet for you
  • that's not fun. also don't mess with me. if you do you better start to go run.

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