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Christians only. Rap about God and where you think your going when you die.

Max of 64 lines


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  • I will break your record like I made a record listen to the leopard
  • about to kill the shepherd and scatter the sheep they run to the deep
  • they lost and fell steep from the creep who took this leap
  • life isn't cheap so watch what you keep we sow and we reep
  • look at the sun and believe in Jesus Christ and no I can never
  • be like that man who is my God so I live life like a sinner praying
  • to the highest God. I'm down in the earth praying on my knees
  • you can hear my scream you can see my tears but I gave you my fears
  • my addictions haunt me nicotine killing me living life miserably
  • but life is temporary and i will not suffer forever so I feel better
  • God my prayers are letters and I am in dire need of a new heart
  • because everything I do is apart from you and against you
  • I live life wreckless after materials like a necklace always thinking
  • what i'm going to eat for breakfast I'm a man putting money on
  • hydroponic grams and lost I admit it lost and I'm at the cross
  • so God please stop my decisions and actions and take my wheel
  • because I'm driving off a cliff with every habit I just want to get high
  • open up my eyes and give me will power because I will devour
  • the beast and burn him in hell break his shell so his head swell
  • drop the devil like he fell from heaven that's a yell
  • demons and angels battling beside me and I'm following my demons
  • i'm lost in the world I need the light to look at what road I drive in
  • I'm driving down the highway to hell but I hear hells bells
  • and now I'm lit by the sun I can see the evil every where
  • I still follow darkness I must be marked with this and now I feel trapped
  • doomed like this rap when I rap fuck you spitting curses in these verses
  • like what this word does and my body wants a buzz what's the fuss
  • I got to cuss I'm on the wrong bus filled with lust I know God feels my pain
  • this isnt me but my domain I aint playing trapped in an asylum I can hear
  • the violin as i submit to darkness theres voilence burning like
  • a kitchen burning the house down so where the devil at right here
  • I'm stuck with this fuck but what the fuck I need to stop
  • call the cop i need this guy to drop but all of us are locked
  • we will never stop we all lost our God
  • the devil right here the devil lies here he sipping in his high chair
  • living life like I don't care so watch out for the cop
  • spitting blood with a closed lock trapped in this chain
  • at a road block stop here stop right there Life aint fair
  • but I live life like I don't care doing every dare i tend to stare
  • and keep my eye on the evil right there every where a fight there
  • listen to my rap living life and I'm trapped right here
  • So God will you give me the will power to strike the devil in his face
  • give me the power to see the truth and where I can choose
  • because I don't want to lose my soul and then it's too late
  • it's right there the end is right there life dont feel fair
  • God give me the strength to fight the battle of this fate
  • I really hate the road i'm on but I need a way out
  • Give me a head lamp give me a sharp ear give me clear eyes
  • I need to see the devil in his disguise and clear the darkness out the skies
  • and see him as a beast of flies that he is. I know I am deceived
  • but this is life that i received and I need a way out


  • hell lol

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