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  • You want to fight so what yo move mane scared get out of line got and
  • groove mane rockin jayz every night three levin im really whit it hottiest
  • in the rap gang im the lilliest in the city my shoot gang go one i never told
  • a gun i stoled me nun yet but my re gang go one beeg bag thats what up tho
  • never try na smoke but you trippin off that mojo but you scared cuz i want yo
  • girl she gunna want me moso really try na fight if you really want a rematch
  • we can do this all night nigga punk bitch😄


  • How is this a "battle"? We ain't clashin heads.
  • Beating you is no hastle - ask your 'head'...
  • Wither its grasping 'members' - or pens,
  • You pummel yourself...
  • An you know exactly what that meant.
  • Im filled with potent text - and I’ll flip yours like a read page.
  • Get red with rage as killer rhymes accumulate.
  • Your minuscule man, a joke with iller taste.
  • I've more ways to to say it, but your decline says it best, gae
  • Learning where you stand is a pressing issue these days,
  • Let's just say 'bud' youre in the "I can't rap" stage.
  • Bro I’d be amazed if you took my raps and related..
  • id be more inclined to give you my best as I stated.

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