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  • No one:
  • The special kid in the hallway. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • skip to 0:12


  • Fucking shit, gotta stir up some pavement, gotta another fucking clown giving us entertainment
  • I got set things clear, make yo whole entire career disappear with one snap like Thanos wit a sneer
  • You stepped the wrong way, read my name, top three is what I fucking maintain, hitting like a freight train
  • I don't diss kids with false advertisements in they names, making the fourms go up inflames, fucking shame
  • Shit got me migraines dont disturb me, on a fucking road rage til I reach Boston, gas runs out when I stoppin
  • Filling my votes up with my obsessed viewers and stans, tryna touch my hands when they see my face on cereal brands
  • The fact that I'm tryna stay patient with a kid who hasnt passed second grade education fills me with frustration
  • I talk with fucking riddles, while you got kids with bad enough grammar to be talkin moon runes with extra symbols
  • I am the best in this room, especially when me and your girl get into the bedroom and still has some headroom
  • Like a zoom call, I sleep between your bars as you stutter, stuttering like your relationship, she found another lover
  • I dont rap short, manslaughter case on court, all voters become jury, someone becomes Sherlock Holmes, give them a cookie
  • I found another rookie that wont make it past stage one, thirty syllables like my old days now wit some precision
  • He calls himself lyrical, but hes more delirious, if hes good why cant he reach a level of actual seriousness
  • His mother tells him he's good as she makes his favorite meal, dino nuggies and bread with the crust off, shit makes me scoff
  • You cant be serious, you get carried as you have only trash on yo resume, I'm winning this, let me just say
  • Making this kid dizzy, he needs some reading glasses, with nothing worth a shit as he writes on paper, I'm putting this diss on scriptures
  • I rap with meaning, kids like you can only be dreaming, if getting on my level seems easy, its deceiving
  • I see another wannabe, gore needs to be censored, giving this kid flashbacks like grandpas do trench wars
  • Giving this kid minimum wage, putting him on stage, its gonna be funny when I make your family flip the page to your obituary
  • People sweat in their sleep when they think of me, I dont let off on nobody, putting kids off the planet is my fucking hobby
  • Confess buddy, I am better, I am a record setter, should I just continue, I aint sorry, you making bars, hardly
  • This is the end, your grave is already dug, you starstruck, because you fucking suck, all these votes are gonna make you go havoc

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