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Write about something deep or a struggle you have

Max of 18 lines


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  • I've been really going through some stuff it's a family matter
  • Living in a very dysfunctional livingly manner
  • It's sadness confusion and evil mixed in a batter
  • But I've freaking moved past that now I'm moving up the ladder
  • My mom is alcoholic also addicted to lollipop
  • Not to mention that bitch she is high smoking in a rocky pot
  • As for my dad I haven't seen him in years I felt abandoned
  • Everyone else has that love but I just haven't I felt saddened
  • I felt that way since I was 10 now I use it as motivation
  • I wanna be the fucking greatest I wanna have all the praising
  • I really wanna make it I'm trying to make a statement
  • I kicked this game in the butt now I want a engagement
  • I want to be the hottest thing under the sun with flames
  • I say that with complete confidence and no fucking shame
  • Shit people will remember my name I'm making one
  • The next breaking star on the rise I'm make it fun


  • Depression is always gettin' the best of me,
  • that's the side that no one ever really gets to see
  • I get sad so easily, Oh I'm never fully free
  • It always seems to me, that I'm truly ugly
  • Constantly, seeking the better side of me
  • But, even when I feel worthless and down you see
  • I know I can turn to my friends or to my family
  • They'll help me, so I can live on so happily
  • And I can keep on smiling, I can keep on trying
  • Move along, go on, and live my best life.
  • Don't get down, turn that frown upside down
  • And keep on smiling.
  • Every day's a rainy day, when you feel like this
  • And you feel like crying, even when your takin a piss
  • Keep on hating your self running full tracks that self-diss
  • Those good days you miss, back when you were full of bliss
  • But now you just feel like cutting your wrists, fo real

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