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  • I doubt your show of lyricism.
  • out of ammo? pistolwhip em.
  • it seems though you "reload" you've nothing to follow with.
  • you're ammo's pointless, mine are live hollowtips.
  • but fuck weapons in rap
  • I'm unfettered from that.
  • My polysyllabic rhymes
  • like volleys of magic primed.
  • f*ck you and your minor cocky rhymer posse's violent hobbies.. try an' stop me;
  • I go into "beast mode" like a brief show of lycanthropy.
  • you think its wise to devise lies?
  • Like that style might suffice...
  • Find time to re-write thy lame side.
  • Sometimes I don't quite read right,
  • But it seemes your aim's wide.
  • Find lines between wrong and right,
  • Raw and tight..
  • Aim high.
  • rhyme with changed mind, step up from "stained white".
  • This is your main fight and you didn't train right???
  • Insane, my guy
  • Your feign tries say your game died..?
  • You're way too like a sore sight with more fight than "finish"
  • I finish un-privlaged dimished shits like eslax.
  • Listen kid, you're best as a test with questionable (w)raps
  • If tested I wrap up bodies like chest pads
  • I have a multi personality, actual versatility...Was established in tension.
  • Fabulous when pest messed with.
  • Focused like a compass, paraphrasing less mentioned.
  • Come now dawg...your hating statements ain't phasing patience,
  • No quotations in cadence? Ashamed of it?

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