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bored ash.

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  • my name Kay stone, which I say in every note
  • You carry yo tec but the bag is what I really tote
  • aka Kay punk, my style is gushy from back to front
  • Got vlone on my shoes for bucket head bitches I stunt
  • but that's not what I'm here to rhyme about
  • Got shit taken away from me for living my life quickly
  • Can't trust anybody near me, it be yo own family
  • Trapped in the homes all because a fucking virginity
  • That fucked with me mentally. That fucked with me heavily
  • Now I'd rather die than be stuck with my mentality.
  • I fucks with anxiety.
  • I lost myself, broke myself tryna make you fall in love with me
  • now I'm starting to believe I can't if that's so what you want from me
  • I'm sorry but being trapped.. I just don't want you away from me
  • my soul is still looking for a place for an independent me
  • but until then as long as I keep trying I'll have you near me
  • I'd always try to convince myself that shit would be okay
  • now my soul gone away now there is no happy day
  • look out my blinds now everything is turned to grey
  • there is no more tuesdays, nobody here to lay
  • Now I'd rather die than be stuck with my mentality.
  • I'm a girl btw ;)


  • Kay Stone. I guess we battling, fine by me,
  • I got what you call your talent, multiplied by three,
  • I go hard, but yea I understood your verse,
  • I'm glad it wasn't blind, and I got to read it first,
  • Cause I'm not gone come off like I would usually,
  • I'm bored too, and tired of people always using me,
  • I'm a girl too, every body underestimate us,
  • Tryna come at me like they can say what you should be,
  • But I can't trust no one either, same page,
  • I know its a battle, but its too much of the same things,
  • Same things happening to us, its the same hate,
  • But I really like your verse, forget me winning, cause we both great.

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