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  • Hey looking at your pic I think you looking fine
  • Out of all these hoes on this site you are a dime
  • My name's Jake f this place I'm just too great
  • All these wandering a holes f em I ignore the hate
  • But I digress, babe you need a instagram account
  • Show me more pics so I can be astound
  • I think something is growing in my pants
  • You wanna do the honors and see it first glance?


  • Damn you are greedy what are you some kind of pig?
  • I'm a dime what are you ten are you some kind of kid?
  • Big Jake are you some fat dude are you some kind of thick?
  • Dudes checking out your butt them jeans some kind of rich
  • I'm trying to grind right across the freaking dimple line
  • I design these rhymes for your very simple mind
  • But keep in mind you have a brain I bring the pain
  • Causing the migraine driving you in the lane insane
  • I'm a boss considering the amount of times you got owned
  • In the freaking pound with the big dogs and boy you got low
  • I agree with one thing you said about these nasty hoes
  • All that sucking has got that breath smelling badly though
  • I'm not one of them even though I look like a model
  • These chicks looking old need to lay off the bottle
  • I got a lot more plays than a basketball game
  • The ball is in your court rings not to lag it all shame
  • You got a fat nose you like smelling shit clean my toilet
  • The first letter in your name is a L he destroys it

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