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  • I don't monkey around my bars are Banana's
  • I don't write poems but I'll write a stanza
  • I don't like know man, I ain't got the answer
  • The way I'm tearing bars think I'm giving the cell cancer
  • Something don't add up in these lines it's assumptions
  • Writers block, nah I don't know, I'll think of something
  • Giving you ideas like this shit was chump change
  • Of course I get dough, this a battering rampage
  • I'm just breaking it in relax there's no emergency
  • Just people who don't know how to deal with urges without urgency
  • Tell me I need to slow down, posting limits
  • Every minute I invest still gaining interest
  • Cause I got people banking on me,
  • Planted my seed in the dirt,
  • Be back in like three,
  • Sprouted like a tree from this earth
  • Now I stank of the weed,
  • Jack & the Bean, ain't nobody jackin' the beat
  • That aux pull the chord like it was hooked to a cart
  • You a child of a Simp, Son, you be lookin' like Bart
  • Falling in new beginnings like you pressin' restart
  • I don't like when they pushin buttons,
  • and the Impression it leaves on my heart


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  • Yo fate ima seal it these drugs ima deal it
  • This beat im finna kill it bitch nigga wanna
  • Be me doe but he cant cause he run dem checks
  • To slow i do the shit fast i hit lick den put it in the past
  • I get cash den i do dash
  • I carry the glock run yo block give me 24 seconds
  • Call that a shot clock
  • We do a robbery so i tuck my chain this aint game
  • If u play put a bullet in brain i shoot my shot
  • Like a free throw make yo hair turn black
  • Like shego unlike u i can change my flow all
  • Yall niggas do is cap most of yall niggas can even rap
  • My hat gone like bobby smurda when i publish
  • This song ima go to jail for murda cause thats what
  • I did to this beat its gonna cost 500k for feat on yo
  • Song i fuck yo bitch in a thong lil niggas
  • Say that wrong cause we aint tight thats y i keep
  • Shooters on the right knock yo ass ot go night
  • Night

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