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  • Minecraft be in mods, try to fight them bots, Mojang look at me,
  • Try to get them minecoins, My like for minecraft rejoins,
  • distract you from my demons, my life be cracked, bringin' out my map
  • don't fall into a trap, mods got it, feel I should quit, bro that be legit,
  • I give you the credit, you be at the bottom of a pit, the floor is lava,
  • Minecraft got drama, I talkin bout' karma, got a rainbow llama, no I
  • ain't stopin', yo whats poppin', I start rockin', youtubers got minecraft vid,
  • they go wild, they be lit, I be rich. yeah this be a glitch, now I be a hacker,
  • and I be a rapper, no I ain't no laugher, Aphmau be rockin' it hard,
  • Dantdm got it from the start, Jelly won't get apart, I'm trying to right my
  • wrongs, but it funny them same wrongs helped me write this song


  • mincraft gae

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