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  • Nut in her butt
  • Baby In her gutt
  • What the fuck
  • Thought the door was shut
  • Sloppy jabba hutt
  • Close the door
  • get some more
  • Knew your mama was a whore
  • She gonna take a big blow
  • then make my penis sore
  • Ima take it slow and pop her like a pimple
  • JIzz on her ass yeah it's real fukin simple
  • Take a whiff
  • She so stiff
  • Ima put her on the platter
  • Fart on my dick that's why they call me Marshall mathers
  • Pussie hella loose
  • Slip it in like a noose
  • P!ease do the dishes or I do the under roose
  • I ain't no goose
  • Ain't No moose
  • More like puss in boots
  • Hit that ass so hard she be asking for a truce
  • A mother fucker titty sucker two balled bitch
  • Trash ass girls be sukin my dick
  • Wit a tit fuck
  • Slip up
  • Always suck my duck uh
  • Tommy hilfiger
  • Make me pull da trigga


  • Smash a vision leave it looking like a kaleidoscope
  • Leave it distant have to look at it through a microscope
  • Quit and go get stoned, the script will leave you smoked
  • Shit you should leave alone, don't inhale or get croaked
  • I got more bars than you do on your phone
  • So you can get serviced by a wordsmith
  • Have to call to collect, star sixty nine to call and connect
  • Even if you reached me still wouldn't call you a threat
  • Even if you were after me wouldn't call you next
  • Even if you were next wouldn't call you fresh
  • Cause even if you did more it'd still equal less
  • Cause I'm even on E I'm two Emcee's squared
  • Cause this shit easy I already came prepared
  • As easy as a life in the 90's and childhood of DARE
  • As easy to write something grimy and no one would care

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