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  • age 1 got a scar on my eyebrow, don't even want to here it when you
  • try to say how, age 5 went by fast, got a grasp on myself to pass,
  • coulden't look in the past, 7 started to play minecraft, could take it off
  • the raft, 8 can't forget summer camp, yee I was the champ, the only
  • tomboy in my group, then I was greeted to youtube, age 9 my cat
  • passed, me and her were attached, I got a new dog during corona,
  • never had a soda, age 10 happend recently, try to agree,
  • that is my story, thx for hardcore,


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  • I'm think I'm starting to welcome the fights with my momma
  • It's like i hate this life, but i love the drama
  • I gotta chip on my shoulder, and chips in my armor
  • I started picking up beats(beets) like i was a farmer
  • Just something to do to make a nigga a lil calmer
  • Gotta a lil older then i learned about karma
  • Gotta lil wiser and moved on from my mama
  • I'm out here trying to get commas like steve balmer
  • Trill on these pills i barely got a grip on the wheel
  • Life skills barely got me a grip on what's real
  • Yet still i won't fall or slip on the banana peel.
  • Lyrics crumbled on the floor like tornado drill
  • Getting high just to have something to feel.
  • Beefing with niggas just to have someone to kill
  • Wishing that i had someone to help with the bills
  • To keep the lights on you might have to miss a meal
  • I miss the field but I'm glad im out the game.
  • Where's the sun i can't get from out this rain.
  • Every spark it's like god then puts out my flame
  • But like the us Treasury Im not bout to change.
  • Life is strange when living in the upside
  • My eyes opened when riot committed suicide
  • I almost died when my dog got euthanized
  • It's seems like everyone has a bruised pride.
  • Don't lose your strength trying to maintain grip
  • This life feels like a chest holding a weight bench
  • For every mile giving it's like i only take an inch
  • I think im gonna record and take a risk.
  • But a cop my take my life before i make it.
  • I'm making money but its hard for me to save it
  • Paradise lost there's a burnt cross in my oasis
  • Tired of reading about new coronavirus cases
  • And the latest racist caught in black faces
  • They gave us mask but didn't give a space
  • Breonna woke up getting shot in the face
  • And I'm supposed to sang amazing grace

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