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Battle on July 31 2020


  • See You Want to talk smack
  • Saying i look like a hoodrat
  • but you corns on your toes
  • look black like a big fat rat
  • And you so flat
  • Somebody can slap
  • the back of your head so hard that you
  • Ugly hood rat punk and guess what this not a rap this a roast
  • Sonn Yeah punk what u got to say Nowww


  • Punk, go die, i would have declined this battle, but wanted to decline your arrogance
  • imma straight away knock you down K.O, with just my common sense
  • aint you have any sense, you battling the mightiest
  • i will grab your knee and smoke you down to the ground,
  • leave your mouth to make some sound, the winner is crowned
  • shay nee, talking bout rats, imma choke you with my lyrical jokes like a plastic sack
  • this aint a special occasion, i aint like battling with children, i might give you a vacation, lemme finish this suffocation
  • mad man, trying to crap with some meaningless rhymes, i will murder you like the sister Grimes
  • i am so sinister, so egoic, after this battle, u be dying with muthafucking blisters
  • imma lead this battle with my tricks, dont tell me u r a trickster
  • mister, go suck dicks, i am so busy, drinking liquor
  • imma give a warning or a whisper, i have no time for niggers
  • tell u what?..the next time you feel to battle me, think twice
  • b4 entering my slaughterhouse, lemme slice

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