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  • I suck at rapping
  • Never did it once or twice but im still attacking
  • It wont be suffice to beat me in a battle
  • were i can handle my shit and not rattle
  • Like people say
  • You get what u get and dont throw a fit
  • what i say, dont throw a fit if u dont want to get hit
  • dont start judging cuz i aint no poet
  • but even if i try it,
  • itll come out like a pile of horseshit
  • to many syllables in my lines
  • its fine cuz i cant flow like wine
  • even if i have branches coming out like vines
  • it wont define me as a sign of a crime
  • if u dont get my rhymes
  • they are too complex for ur mind
  • so let me give u a suggestion go back to 1979
  • were rhymes were easy to comprehend and find


  • Nobody is feeling the shit that you spit, my rhymes legit, yours are shit,
  • You'll get your head split, like rehab it seems like you'll never get a hit,
  • Doc's planting sucka's on the pavement, motherfucker just face it,
  • Patiently waiting for an engagement, it seems that's dodged me like the matrix,
  • Shit is sacred, name a time, place, I'll be there with an AK spraying,
  • You'll never be famous, battling the rap pad battle bully, still you're nameless,
  • It's outrageous that you lack the skill to instill your greatest statement,
  • Just get creative, I got time now, so quit hating on Doc, cuz he's ran out of patience/patients,
  • I'm back now, I've left the clinic, back to rip bitches titts in so sadistic,
  • Bitches get stitches, and snitches get thrown into ditches, ask who did this,
  • It was the one and only Dopest moses, striking gang banging poses so fercious,
  • Kicked out of 6th grade because apparently he poses a threat no one notices,
  • Got thrown out for some bullshit that never made sense, I took offense,
  • I never hit you bitch, quit giving this suspense, and suspend yourself to death,
  • I wanted to grab a pencil and staple her neighbor maple to a table,
  • And throw knives that were fatal, and play it off as being playful,

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