Battles  3lektro_Magnetik vs Spirit_Man


Written battle.

Max of 18 lines


Spirit_Man won this battle!


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  • I'm like Vito, quite cancerous pump that chemo,
  • wicked twisted but gifted misfit y'all know I can spit it,
  • generic insults due to your ignorance,
  • you half baked retard lacking the passion of art,
  • Like Vinci but skinny get my cum out ya mouth,
  • for the women I got plenty,
  • Went ultra, ballistic, fan base like a cult, orchestra,
  • I pull out my stick, ya takin orders from a hustler,
  • blood pourin' out her pussy, holy Mary,
  • then feed her organs to children I'm sickening,
  • Inactive but crafting y'all scrubs slept on me,
  • Came back hard like cooked meat you can't compete
  • ,


  • I’m the greatest you ever heard of
  • Like venom when he killed Spider-Man
  • I’m going to inflict venom in this man
  • Who’s from Manhattan you suck at rapping
  • I’ll pass you a napkin and pass by and wrap him
  • Ill kidnap this man and dump his body in a van
  • Pull over in an abandoned wasteland
  • Shoot you with a shotty Bodies all over the place
  • Bone breaking muscles snapping like rubber bands
  • And no one will wonder what happened to him because
  • Nobody cared for him waiting for death come meet the grim
  • Spirit worked exorcisms on his corpse And didn’t need the body
  • As He cut his vocal cords off with a violin stick it gets worse
  • I’m the biggest motherfucker Like nobody other
  • And that’s the last time they heard him rap again
  • The next rapper came by and got his head hacked off
  • Like the cross cross from this big boss I’m
  • Hotter than hot sauce

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