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  • Got me like an addict cause I'm after that fix
  • Give it a shot, like I'm after the kick
  • Kick it, like you ain't having that shit
  • Shit, it like that smell of cabbage and pigs
  • Pig with the pen, I'm dirty in the pen,
  • Bacteria and phlegm
  • Match criteria then begin,
  • Like a it's a new story,
  • New game +
  • Please do not bore me
  • Drilling might be dang-erous
  • Been through stranger stuff,
  • Just like a stranger does
  • Now it like danger, love
  • Hang in, drugs
  • Shame and shrugs
  • Smoking shrubs
  • Smoking scrubs,
  • Clean like it's the suds
  • Right out of the tub
  • Now they paying a ten in sums
  • For the bread and the crumbs
  • and to dive in like some subs


  • My head spoke to me when I was 9 years old
  • Told me to share this gift with the world as I grow old
  • A gift or a curse? Is there a different purpose?
  • If I drop mistakes into the lake, will they resurface?
  • Can I be an adult, can I stomach nostalgia?
  • Can I function in this life without a mother and father?
  • If I dropped to the floor, would they run for the doctor?
  • Or holler for more of the unwillin slaughter?
  • Toss and turn on my pillow as it worries me sick
  • Will I burn to a crisp for the dirt that I did?
  • Am I deservin of this emergency kit?
  • As my soul grows old, the kid is yearnin to live
  • The apple never will fall far from the tree
  • And the tree never will prevent the loss of it’s leaves
  • All will be lost the same way this earth was won
  • Our bodies will rot under the same eternal sun
  • I looked through the books and I’ve written down each sentence
  • But I never met a god whose existence I accepted
  • Cause everyday I still witnessed sickness and depression
  • Prayer never made a difference, no one listened to my questions
  • I was gettin so relentless in my younger days
  • Wishful thinkin kept me breathin, but no one knew what to say
  • Should I have run away? Would I still have to suffer pain?
  • We shrug off struggle when the people go by any other name
  • Now as I stop and reflect, more regrets come with age
  • I would have told my future self to get out of the way
  • I pick and choose when to view the past through rose tinted lenses
  • My soul’s back in that old house but I won’t miss depression
  • Why goes recognition come with second guessin every step?
  • The glass breaks in the mirror, see the devil in the flesh
  • Merely second to the rest, but as I’m questionin the end
  • The shots ring out and the messengers are dead
  • Once upon a time before children were spoiled
  • A little girl planted seeds into the soil
  • A splash of water, and after autumn
  • A tree started growin and an apple blossomed
  • Not long after that, spring came along
  • The parents got the baskets, the kids sang a song
  • Just a glance and bigger apples were plucked by their hands
  • While our young little apple still hung by her branch
  • “Hang on, little apple! Please give it a year!”
  • “The time for you to grow and become pretty is near!”
  • And so the apple grew bigger as the seasons passed
  • She could feel herself branchin out, free at last!
  • The apple was picked and others found her delicious
  • So they cut her up for their own balanced nutrition
  • The apple had to leave without ever lookin back
  • And the tree was chopped down so they could make a wooden casket

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