Battles  K-RAPS vs K-K


At least 30 lines, no racial slurs

Max of 32 lines


K-RAPS won this battle!


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Battle on July 31 2020


  • I keep the rhymes intact, if i wanna attack
  • I give the bitches some slack, before they go crack
  • All these itches correct, they made your lights go black
  • You see nothing no more, cuz all your rhymes are whack
  • Imma sweep the floor, better get your rap from the rack
  • I wanna make it dirty, but you fail to smack back
  • Everytime it happpens i get pissed off and it gets me mad
  • I know the problem though and i think i know the answer is that
  • When i get mad i attack and then i go all over you
  • Then i need a map to not get lost, and it cost me a nap
  • Oh crap, i need to get back to my car right now, ASAP
  • there's something on your back, please don't move till i come back
  • *ZAP* wanna take a look?
  • It was some good rhymes, and these don't fit you that much
  • They hurt your brain, make you feel pain, it's something i can't explain
  • It makes your tongue go BRRRRRR, like a lawnmower tied to a chain
  • And to my disdain, i feed you the grass so you dont complain
  • Enough of your gay shit, unless that's all what you got against me
  • It's cuz it's easy and you're lazy, it makes sense, but it's just the start of the journey
  • You went through a rabbit hole against me cuz you thought you were worthy
  • But you're only thirsty, the piss served you well, but that was absurdity!
  • How you gonna get out? That's a problem that needs solving
  • But again i have the answers, you'll just die starving
  • Though you won't get out at all, think about it, there's plenty
  • Of stuff to do, maybe just one, but listen to what i'll be sending
  • You can think about your mistakes till you die, and insects take your guts to play with
  • Then I'll look at your corpse, spit on it and make it rot faster
  • You can't seal these wounds with plaster, you're in a tight-sealed disaster
  • Another one down, man i wish i could hear any laughter
  • But most of you are dead and the rest have already been captured
  • And since no ones there and i got a lot to do
  • Gotta finish off some idiots,K-K, then i'll come back for you


  • This wack rapper attacks with a lack of substance
  • I beat your crap stacked 20 bar verse with 10, that's somethin'.
  • Then you get mad, that's tragic, report me to a mod, that's disgustin'.
  • Cause I can wow crowds, crap gold compared to how your raps function.
  • Now let me display an array of wordplay that someone underage could figure out in a day
  • But for you and your brain it would probably take 10 years and some change to figure out my sayin's
  • Even if the odd's where stacked against me, my raps this century it would come out to even
  • While you could try 100 percent and your percentage of beating me still wouldn't be, see man
  • I could distort your image and pick out your innards
  • I'm a surgeon with spits in a musical craft, you'd swear his organs in this.
  • I will show your raps are dope, cause I will smoke your writtens
  • With a freestyle that deals potent venom that will leave you in comatose this instant.
  • Nobody knows his gimmick is to rap simple, I know his limits
  • Rhyme multisyllabic, I could hold my grimace with a bolt to my skull and finish
  • This battle with full control, no twitchin'.
  • I could fold this dimwit into fo's, and this foe wouldn't know what hit him
  • Spit so cold, it like snow, tha product, you? a waste of time
  • A passionate mc, handing ass whippin's, easy, you trapped in amaze-in rhymes
  • Cappin him peacefully, hand him L's de feat to wake his mind
  • Beat him so bad his face look like a pride flag
  • Like after a son gets beat after comin out the closet to his close minded white dad
  • I rack wins when I muzzle him like a dog attackin, I lead the right pack.
  • I strike and burst into flames, this a light match, I zippo his bodybag
  • Broke him in this costly match, no kamikaze, no revival, sad.
  • My big puns are tight, I rap don't ask if "can-i-bus?" like eminems song, you might collapse
  • Take the big L, put it on, like you a caucasion with a maga whitey cap
  • Now go back contemplating, like how I am "Why he rap?
  • When he knows he is getting take out cause all he writes is trash."
  • I'm at 28 lines so one more rhyme.
  • I can grab a colt, bane of his mind

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