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With yo White bitch pussy loving ass

Max of 18 lines


Bianca won this battle!


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  • Get outta here with yo fake ass wrestling
  • I'm the real champ a real ring you ain't stepping
  • I'll knock yo bitch ass out falling quicker than a fat bitch
  • Talking that fast shit will only land you in a fast ditch
  • Nigga I'm come from the hood last thing you want is a fight
  • Cuz after this shit is over you won't live to see another night
  • When you wake up the only thing you see is a light
  • There you go you flying high like a kite


  • Let me finish the rhyme scheme yet my death ain't tonight
  • I'm getting white pussy tonight she the best in delight
  • So how can a pitched black hoe go excite my dick in the sight?
  • When you so dark and witless you can't see ignight the shit with the lights
  • You keeping making threats as a way to seem tough
  • Closest thing you came to a gun was a video game she bluff
  • Closest thing to a hood is one you use to cover your face
  • Got too much weight using pounds of make up to cover your case
  • Yet what kind of man would want to nut a raccoon?
  • A raccoon with a nappy weave looking like a buffoon
  • You attracting trolls ugly know of the sender touch the header
  • So I guess the saying goes trolls for the pleasure fuck together
  • So shut your negro ass up bitch and stay in your lane
  • Because life to short to be in the real playing these games
  • Besides the only games played by a old ass white man
  • Is when you unzipped his and rub with your cold ass night hand
  • Besides you as black as my shit I need to lighten you fuck
  • Yet can't cum on your hideous face although it could whiten you up

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