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make it finger licken good

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  • You're a bot think you're good but your not imma let you rot
  • thinking you're a big dog no you're a big hog lost in the fog
  • what's the matter you got a big blatter you can't flatter or you
  • just a bad rapper you think rappen will be easy man you cheesy
  • you conspire to be a liar you're dreams are on fire just join a choir
  • im flawless you clueless useless you try to rap but sound like crap
  • take a nap now here’s a fact you are wack you cant back smack I attack
  • go for the sack I take action, rain on your parade
  • The poison serenade sounds that cascade Out here in this game, I maintain
  • cocked up and sideways I'm be tipping the lane
  • There's a fork in the road, choose life or death
  • Im lyrically going to kill you with every breath
  • I the best you a pest go way west but
  • you might want to wear a bulletproof vest strapped to you chest
  • After every show, a dream I hold
  • Extraordinary swag and a mouth full of gold
  • let's get to the point here
  • I ain't never scared, I never let crap fly anywhere
  • you're lost never to be found
  • I took my pistol I struck it to the ground and they gave me the crown


  • 64 32 18 9 ,4 and a half. and 2 and a quarter
  • I make it finger looking good like a factitious reporter
  • for 2 dollars and a quarter will get you 4 quarter pounders
  • your a rip off not even tasty sweet leave your rap to reach defeat
  • Sophists and Monopolists making money in the bank
  • like a mountebank trying to steal your cash
  • say the fast food is where it's at but you can't resist
  • reporters reporting fast food on the commercial
  • like the McDonalds factory the factotum
  • for all your hunger needs functioning as a faculty it's a factory
  • so put on spectacles and look at this spectacular rap it's spectacular
  • my rap is apocryphal urban legend in the ages from the books lost
  • you may of heard of me from your friends and friend's boss
  • I'm that rapper you heard of in the books the one and only real rapper
  • I'm like the Heinz ketchup and your the ersatz
  • your rap taste like shit but mines finger looking good yours not
  • what type of scandal are you pulling
  • when I leave other people drooling
  • over the eyes of the crowd I know what your up to
  • I can see right through your skullduggery and machinations
  • my rap is no hornswoggle it's authentic and my imagination
  • you are spurious it makes me furious so I try to change your mind
  • but your blind by the tricksters and connivers and charlatans
  • I'm annoyed by you like Mark Twain annoyed by his father
  • your a gadfly buzzing in all directions like a wasp looking for trouble
  • you need to get out of my bubble and stop critiquing my rap or I'll
  • drop you to your doom down to rubble two times that's double bubble
  • gum and chew you and spit you out like my rap so don't be annoying
  • nor offensive and don't be sickly sweet
  • I don't want to hear your mawkish rap or hear you maudlin
  • Don't be like Socrates questioning the political state of Athens
  • I'll make my rap rich and finger looking good to your brain
  • so food for thought if that's what your minds asking
  • I know this rap is going to get crazy so is the mob
  • my rap will leave you with scabies you'll be scratching my rap is scabrous
  • leave you with scabs so you nag leaving you sentimental in your mental
  • whine about your rough skin boy get tough skin don't be loathsome
  • or I'll take it offensive don't be disgusting
  • because your noxious and unwholesome
  • you smell fetid and putrid and malodorous that it's noisome
  • causing me nausea so I jump off this ship like a Navy sailor and hit the
  • stars like an astronaut and rise 64 thousand nautical miles to the sky
  • because your stink your not hot you got me on the brink can't even think
  • smell like and odorous sink saying your rap is good but it's treacle
  • like thick maple syrup left in the sink
  • you want to start a quarrel but I'll make your run like a squirrel
  • this isn't a small tiff this is a family feud let's shuffle
  • your altercation and fracas will leave us in a donnybrook
  • make your arms and legs fly and leave your head sides ways and shook
  • with my uppercuts and hooks and melee hits to your disagreements
  • this is a commotion and a disturbance but I'm the one and only rapper
  • you hear of in the books the kind that make you want more and lick your
  • fingers the one you only dream of and heard of in the ages
  • reading page by pages the whole crowd rages wondering
  • where time went and where it was spent to this lying ass
  • McDonalds saying your loving it but the worlds fallen to a sleep to it's spirit
  • the senses blinded by senses and the souls left to the ages
  • while these rappers eating these pages my thoughts are wise like the sages
  • the crowd grows loud its an uproar on these stages my opponent
  • is lost in the rap and confused don't know where he's at
  • lost in a puzzle he looks as he's in trouble no food in the world
  • means hunger and these politicians say they have your back
  • but this finger good looking food is worse than crack

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