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  • k were do i start maybe the fact that you don't got the heart in this art
  • i put my soul into it and im gonna expose you a bit man i guess i better express
  • the way i rap this agress-ive cause your rap aint impress-ive you better come with it
  • for your existence im coming bearing my arms but they aint hairy there scary
  • pause (get it) i come with the red sauce like the dead of the holocaust
  • i just stopped to watch you go through with a response to me and if you keep on
  • writing geez expect to get a condom for sex you'd only get that if you had the drive
  • now i gotta stop cause this is my glock and it just popped into your top
  • inside of a box im done it was fun while it lasted if ive survived a kill shot you just got blasted
  • im here laughing but i dont hear laughter from him only the stroke of his pen


  • Yeah I get the bars but to defeat me you gotta be a star
  • Not someone who tryhards so let me end your career
  • Now and here cause I can listen to what you say
  • And id beat you all day youve come out to play
  • I'm sad to say I decline each amd evrryone of your lines
  • Cause the top is were I'll climb your just a basic guy
  • With basic rhymes amd everytime you think of 9
  • Your basic mind can't take the grind even tho its a easy find
  • To every style of rap and right here I attack with my rap
  • Thats like a hack-saw to your back jaw and the hack saw
  • This whack cause from my axe and saw my eyes dont lie
  • I know my words go through you like two dudes with hard wood
  • Your spine could get inline with my eyelid that way the guys
  • Split and part the legs 8 different ways up the waist
  • Meaning there garbage in your apartment while you have a complex
  • Im done venting my anger so heres a no brainer you
  • Survive the killshot and I got blasted but your blast
  • Did Jack shi.....z

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