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I went stan, try your best. Actual Rap.

Max of 64 lines


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Battle on June 29 2020


  • Are you another garbage bin?
  • "Always Been."
  • Me and these real rappers have an Artist kin.
  • You're not part of us you discarded bitch.
  • You can't figure out whats happening you retarded shit.
  • Marvin Vin, I got the carbon rims, Now I don't need to race hard and win.
  • You'll garnish garment skins while I'll be living racing cars with garlic tints.
  • You got a departed twin that has been sent to a fest harvest in West Berlin.
  • I might be a stan, but to win this, it will be your hardest win.
  • He can't rap guys, pardon him.
  • Seriously, you aint got the heart for this.
  • He be rhyming tits with tits every bar he spits.
  • You know if you lost you wont be hardly ashamed.
  • Why be afraid?
  • Or are you diagnosed with some Parkinson's, stop barking son.
  • Somebody better tell this guy to run away quick.
  • Before i bomb him cause I rack/Iraq up wins.
  • Its quick wins, see that?
  • Kein you blind fucker, you cry alot when you and she chat.
  • Did she reject you, G-Man?
  • Man the crowd told me she did, I'm gon kill you wearing a ski mask.
  • Take three blind mice and make em into three rats.
  • You gon yet get fucked up wearing the knee cap.
  • I'd rather disown you than see you saying "He's dad".
  • So enough of your abcd's man.


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  • This is little story about riding WITH my COUSIN
  • Selling weed and moving keys like IT was NOTHING
  • I was just a youngin' didn't no SHIT bout HUSTLIN'
  • Seen a fiend shoot his own dealer IN the STOMACH
  • Died in the street, hand was still pill bottle clutchin'
  • I learned to keep me some heat to open like an oven
  • So my mom won't be looking like she's cutting onions
  • They cut my homie from the car it was disgusting
  • Had to seek out god, need to have an honest discussion
  • No more pounding the streets my heart beats like percussion
  • I heard we we're about to enter a merger with some Russians
  • I quit the game now im proud to live a life of struggling
  • It's getting hard to love the White's with me being southern
  • From florida but a nigga don't have to worry about sunburn
  • Jesus lyrics looking up to god, like when is it son's turn?
  • As the sun turns, i catch the smoke and watch the world burn
  • Should i be concerned with only hearing court adjourned
  • The court doesn't wanna hear the my lessons were learned
  • Got mr feeling like Blessing should be earned not giving
  • They gave my brother life in prison for a fateful decision
  • Now My fucking plate is full and the city is crime ridden
  • Went to that special place where your time is hidden
  • Learned that if love something then let it go missing
  • Don't give a man nothing gotta teach him to go fishing
  • But they don't listen most believing lies of politicians
  • Not knowing that destroying us is there only mission
  • I'm living by the sacred traditions of the G Code
  • Invent my own lyrics never ever used a cheat code
  • That's why it's so easy for me to go beast mode
  • Beat me a battle thats gonna be a hard no
  • I kill clones and snatch off there bar codes
  • Kills moms when i snatch open there car doors
  • If you scared to bet why pick up the cards for?
  • You need to go home a sharpen your sword more.
  • If i leave the site now they'll remember my name
  • And a rapper like you, they won't remember you came
  • If i don't kill you, i bet you'll remember the pain
  • Little moth, I'm like the embers on a flame
  • Bastard, your lucky this isn't a custom casket
  • Im different, cut from a different fabric
  • Always gonna be around this shit like plastic
  • Anytime you can come get your ass kicked
  • I make shit classics like the first Jurassic
  • Wrap your little body in plastic
  • Now your ass is dismissed like this years classes
  • Pussy average, you wouldnt get claimed by your mother on taxes.
  • No cap all facts bitch
  • Hook
  • Now its cool that you thought your lil song was dope
  • Then you dropped it, and somehow couldn't please the folks
  • So battle trill, why would you decide to provoke
  • Man, this nigga was alive just a week ago
  • Funny what seven days can change
  • You tried me but your rap sounded lame
  • I wanna hear the gat sound off your brain
  • I hate you busters all wanna sound the same

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