Battles  x-kolossalus vs M-Savage


Actual rap, Other than that, good luck.

Max of 64 lines


M-Savage won this battle!


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  • You've been mislead, this the wrong place to enter.
  • I own this industry now, should be growing more coolers in Deventer.
  • But I isolate him, sight's out of render then I slit through your eyes and heart and fucking shoot you through your Ventre.
  • And I am your inventor, so get vectored you simple little faggot.
  • Bitch I'm the rapid rapper, the single most avid rabid rapper.
  • And heres the story between us.
  • The other difference between us.
  • Bitch you gon leave, thus-
  • When I win him in this battle, people gon make fun but he'll try to rebut.
  • When I see you I revulsion.
  • Turn up your new songs, using your new phone.
  • You say I suck? Stop lying bro.
  • I guess you gon' continue playing yourself like a xylophone.
  • Enough of the shit, sit and let's settle this situation.
  • Or else you would fall off like the Canadian Bajan.
  • You getting nerfed like the Horizon 4 Escort.
  • Get your escort, someone lift the mannequin.
  • You panicking, get hit with a pan by king.
  • I'm x, I shoot my shot and kick you to see you if you dead, then I pull.
  • Virgin Asian fucks a bull.
  • Dont ruin the stack, my hands are full.
  • I'm now your father, son, its day you call me Abul.


  • You say my name as though I've asked it, and then kept askin'.
  • You're not hooked like bass is, you're past it.
  • You're hooked like it's tackle rap.
  • As though I've knotted the lure and cast it.
  • I star in your rap like I've been casted,
  • for the lead, the part of a fascist.
  • Who profits from massive rations.
  • Prophets form masses irrations.
  • Better run off to class kids, rapin' lads and lasses,
  • while I blast your dad and fuk his fat b|tch.
  • Can't stop this laughing at ghastly reactions
  • as I pass gas passin' out paper for asses.
  • Pass out gassed after emptying glasses.
  • Is your glass as half pass it's last as my glass is?
  • Yeah you go over head, with fingertips, lips, and sphincter grips...
  • Go over there instead, you make my finger itch come back with meaner rips,
  • I'll still be standing here aiming at the sky, finger flips...

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