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  • The big kids coming out,
  • Wow, I ain't afraid,
  • Okay here it goes:
  • I ain't mad hommie, make another account,
  • Michael Jones knocked you out, its a smackdown,
  • Why you trying to play little boy with your small mouth,
  • You chav, after this diss, you and your mate can drive south,
  • Making accounts, trying to get my attention,
  • I blocked you, hoping it would teach you a lesson,
  • Then made accounts to try and ruin my career,
  • You should get one, then understand all these tears,
  • Say your a better rapper, when you have no record contract,
  • That's because my label said no, how did you react?
  • Autism remix can never come true, all because of you,
  • Then messaged my friend, calling her my baby boo,
  • This is the truth, don't say it ain't, you fat goof,
  • So shut your mouth, I know you don't want your parents finding out?
  • You can't say it was a prank, asked you, you left the message blank,
  • Then you found out that I have more money then you in the bank,
  • You wanna match my level, you have more of a chance at meeting the devil,
  • I say this truth, I used to look up to you, and your mate too,
  • But your a bully, I know this fully, your as dumb as Scooby and Goofy,
  • I can diss you for so long, longer then a movie,
  • I ain't going too, I'm giving you a little breather,
  • There will be no more games against you on FIFA,
  • So stop begging me for a feature, go and cry to the teacher,
  • Don't make me do this again, you were never one of my friends.
  • Before I forget, he also started getting people to give me death threats,
  • Got his mate in front of my house, he thinks I'm a joke,
  • Also, I know your not a winner, you just looked at my feet,
  • That's how I know you've just witnessed da feet.
  • I put this to bed, I'm signing off this letter that's ready to send,
  • Signing it off. Send, don't make me have to do this again.


  • u start the game, i hate to talk bout it
  • u spit raps like i wanna talk a bit bout it
  • its not legit, i am monte-carlo
  • playing nintendo, fellow fucking with yellows
  • beggin with the beggars, members of the charity
  • the church takes money from us, says its offertory
  • but the night they take it and play the rummy, call me mummy
  • muthafuckas roaming round in rome,
  • my kids plucking out their gals wombs
  • making them have babies at their own home and rape them
  • and take the proof and blame him and they make the game rim
  • say i am the real eminem, pussies and bitches faulting in the slums
  • coming up, baby...i am falling like its storming
  • i am a rapping genius, quit it with the play
  • don't pay the pay, cuz i have made u my prey
  • u trippin, seen u goin it twice like a leap year
  • doesn't make it happier?....i know it is shabbier
  • ur zombies eatin shit, and u tryin to be ur poet
  • seducin me down with ur slow raps, u don't be so loyal
  • there's a time when respect filled my ass
  • but made me forget it, when u told me to walk a mile
  • i am so vile, needn't require a trial, i can bath in the nile
  • egypt care no shit for their nile, and i will look with style
  • changing my profile, smokin cigars in juvenile home
  • roaming round in Rome, i care no shit for the syndromes
  • i will tear u down like a clown, put the red nose like a cherry
  • don't be culinary, i am filled with cupidity
  • u taking my shit and u make a pile and throw them in a pit
  • i know u watched the movie IT, but i gonna be more penny-wise
  • he doesn't make it nice, joke was better than him
  • i will kill u trice, cuz u ain't gonna die witha twice
  • i been nice, just to bring dirty malice
  • u spreading nudes, and they making dudes
  • while harass is at its point, god anoint me
  • i am the younger brother of ol' Bruce lee

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