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  • ok starting on this website with a diss, cus i see not everybody is a pissed as me,
  • are you ready, cus by the time there wont be any beef, or maybe i got another trick up my sleeve,
  • to understand, i had this all planned from the beginning, deflect, take aim, and relapse,
  • now im back to the future, to make sure i put u out of your futile resistance,
  • between me and you there are alot of differences, and ik alot of them wont make sense,
  • but i saw them in visions, how you gonna talk your nonesense, and continue on unharmed,
  • nah as they snitches get plenty of stitches, that how you gon be when i drive you through some ditches,
  • and disengage the trailer, so your left alone, on your dirty trailer throne, give me a call through phone,
  • realize i aint done till wev full grown, caller id unknown, creepy cus i dont know
  • and maybe i need window just to stare through, cus i cant bare these blues,
  • sad bulshit with the crew, cus we got issues, working hard on youtube, just for the veiws,
  • twenty for the brothers with few, we aint leave nobody out, everybodys in for the clout


  • "Knock me out with a right straight"..?
  • Replied late, like, sorry bout the slight wait.
  • Your "punches are heavy"? It's lightweight.
  • It's kinda like you don't even beef you just ricecake.
  • Might "break" like Rocksteady, a touchstone,
  • You dun kno, a touch stoned from blunt smoke,
  • "Organs removed"..?
  • best leave the lungs though.
  • Diligent, truesay.. an imminent doomsday..
  • You'd get bottled in this wasteland like the Sibyl of Cumae.

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