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  • There's nothing left when I wreck you right roaming through the dead of night,
  • Hoping somebody will end my life gripping upon the pen and write,
  • Pots of gold hypnotic flows ignite and leave you mesmerized,
  • Slicing at your dome I always cut ahead of guys,,
  • Causing hell to freeze over I'll make the devil rise to heaven skies,
  • My presence flies like drones I'm prone to leave you dead inside,
  • I'm poisonous as pesticides they spray upon the veggies right,
  • Flows are dry I'm wetter then a Levi when I flood the mic,,
  • No credentials to write bitch you know I'm certified,
  • Your lyrics getting rectified check verbal genocide,
  • Vaporizing building heats at nine eleven Fahrenheit,
  • Have you terrified until your Steven Hawking paralyzed,,
  • Living in the dark so let me come and shed the light,
  • Only six sins left I'll erase your sense of pride,
  • Never deny I'm grinding rhyming till I see my destiny rise,
  • Step in the mind of ominous my consciousness will leave you vegetabalized,,
  • So absurd your words are blurred mine remain so clarified,
  • Jumping through computers when I morph into a terabyte,
  • Couch potatoes get the picture have your torture televised,
  • So desensitized by life get electrified without a blink,,
  • Ominous is prophesied to rise I'm living on the brink,
  • Spit so much I'll drown a sink I'm exotic as a mink,
  • Your profits gonna sink like I'm drowning jesus,
  • You really gotta think before you try my thesis,,


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  • fuck

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