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Diss or No Diss

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  • What's the point of not trying when you have potential
  • To do better but you don't, To your career its detrimental
  • I'm a lyrical murderer, All evidence
  • I rap good, I rap for the hell of it, I flow with eloquence
  • I be clowning these niggas just for their reaction
  • Who am I? Who the fuck is asking? Y'all bold like a caption
  • I'll catch you slipping, I'm nobody to play with
  • You gas up your own head but don't have the fuel to be the greatest
  • Y'all some pussy ass niggas, don't step to me
  • I don't need mediocre rap niggas to tell me what's next for me
  • I'm in my zone, I be zoning everyone out
  • The only thing you receiving is these beating i'm handing out
  • Fuck clout, just know that i'm coming straight for your throat
  • I'm to busy stacking my money up, My bar's nothing but gross
  • First degree murder, it's All premeditated
  • I leave him devastated, he praying, he will never make it
  • To the top, I can see his attitude changing
  • This dude is going to lose, it's time for me to start celebrating


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