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  • do you really want the smoke or just seeing what I got
  • cause I can spit hot fire that goes, pop, pop,
  • like grease in a pot, better watch out ima do you
  • like Rihanna when she got popped
  • no disrespect "Don't Stop the Music"
  • I'm ready to put this Lil nigga to "Work"
  • I get "Wild Thoughts" when im with my girl
  • and we be going off like a firework
  • I don't care if I have a better chance of losing
  • cause he's 136-69 man ion give a fuck
  • because most the people you battle
  • are users or just suck, you been here since 2018,
  • how is this your life, no wonder you're stuck where
  • you are you only cut one way like a knife
  • just like an old head don't know when to stop
  • from 2019 to now the best rap you did
  • and you did alone was 9 props
  • your basically a French Montana
  • you realized you need features to make
  • a classic rap song and that basically all I got
  • tell me why it only took me 5 minutes to write this bop
  • ima stop here ion wanna take the shine your barely got


  • I see you struggle to Wrap/Rap like a Elf with one hand and a bad back*
  • It's easier for me to believe in Santa than to believe in your alternate facts*
  • These punchlines leave your nose red like Rudolph's and dead like Adolph*
  • I hate reading your lines and never receiving the pay-off you should take everyday off*
  • You love Drake that's why your fake and bound to stay soft*
  • I'm bought to kill you like a baby Antelope that strayed off*
  • The other side im from you better not cross fuck round and be lost*
  • My lines get in your teeth like there floss that's a filler bar i could of tossed*
  • But nothing i say against you can end with me taking a loss*
  • I paid the cost and brought smoke like pipes on a dual exhaust*
  • Now im skidding off leaving tire marks on KINGEMJAYYY
  • Your really a queen with a va jay jay on display. I'll slide on you like home base*
  • My bars so hard they'll make your bones break. Make an escape for your own sake*
  • You sent me a challenge and i made your ass wait i got other rappers on my plate*
  • You want clout but your running aren't you supposed to chase*
  • Check it when i drop this bitch like twitch dropped dr disrespect
  • Im gonna dislocate his neck* i checked my radar and couldn't locate a threat you get placated by moms breast*it's the dawn of your death

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