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  • There ain't no Wakanda, Just snakes and anacondas*
  • We need to start doing these pigs, like piranhas*
  • Little girl in chicago got hit, with the llama*
  • Them niggas doubled back, then hit her momma*
  • But that's the same place they said, made obama*
  • That nigga ain't do shit, but kill Osama*
  • My niggas been killing each other, all summer*
  • We praying for the rain, so tired of hearing thunder*
  • Is them the chemtrails in the air?, my mind wonders*
  • Thinking about my kind, and all the times suffered*
  • Makes me wanna reconnect, with my older brother*
  • Like damn bra we should really be close to each other*
  • Remember all we ate was wheat bread and butter?*
  • Who would think that, we'd turn out to be hustlers*
  • Remember we used to be fighting over the covers?*
  • Remember you had the bitch, and i said i had fuck her*
  • I just couldn't let you go out like a buster*
  • I did alot for you nigga even shared my customers*
  • Had to cut you off when mom said you cussed at her*
  • It sliced me deep yeah them cuts hurt
  • And what's worst is im the one who will hold you down first*
  • I was molded from clay you was eroding like dirt
  • Back to the battle im bought to start the hearse
  • Somebody get his family to start a search
  • I will make a nigga like you depart the earth
  • End your ass quick like somebody cut off the verse
  • When i see opps then the shots get dispersed
  • Holy water Hollow tips send him back to the church
  • Im in the back attacking the clerk
  • Fuck the clergy im taking the whole purse
  • Don't worry your gonna get it but
  • Let me smoke a bowl first backdraft burst like stars


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  • yo this time maybe third times a charm but im straight aiming shooting to kill
  • And i dont give no fucks if i lose to you for a third time straight its still no debate
  • that im a trilogy a straight killer see on this dope beat even if i have to accept
  • defeat im still one of raps elite and right now im looking at you like i piece of meat
  • and im starved an ready to eat and when i battle rap i dont miss no beat
  • an im always ready to compete like a beast being released ready to feast
  • and im not ever gonna be pleased untill any emcee in my way ends up deceased
  • my skills have increased to the max and its a fact they still never hit no peak
  • im solo division just in a league of my own and im always in the zone
  • im hear an ready to take my place in this rap kingdom so give me my throne

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