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  • Everything's become so twisted, I mean,
  • Like, dearth of water, famine,
  • Like, I'm insane becomin',
  • Blurrin', like high on morphine,
  • Morphin' in dolphin like orphan
  • Separate from soul, I'm in coffin,
  • Coughin' on smoke as it's waftin',
  • Often I find myself laughin'
  • On jokes humourless as they seem,
  • Blind, eyeless like I'm Odin,
  • Kind Eilish lately I've been,
  • My style is trendin' I've seen
  • Rapping sucking as though rocking
  • Bloodied knuckles as I walk in
  • A desert as though preserved is my rotten body,
  • Some days energy in me, is of a Border Collie,
  • Dehydrated all my body, as if, as if, water could leave
  • And here come the days when I feel vomit
  • Drop down dead to Earth like comet
  • Like I'm Grande, need a Monet
  • I'm lyric, complete my sonnet,
  • Torment all my life, no comment
  • Boiling all my limbs, blood on it,
  • Where's 911? Just call it!
  • Eveything's beyond my knowledge in this Slice of my Life!
  • Yeah, hello my troubles, my troubles turn into struggles
  • Struggle over the hurdles, I mean this ain't no murder,
  • At least this ain't no Hunger Games, yet I'm Katniss,
  • Alice's playin' in Wonderland, but it's hell all my tactics
  • Hell's become the only freakin' option for me to live
  • I freakin' go through hell everyday, for once, believe,
  • My life has been a storm, storm everything is wrong,
  • So many mistakes in my routine, I cannot put it in a song,
  • But what's my trepidation compared to the situation
  • That'll emerge out like a spectrum after a freakin' rain storm?
  • These problems just might affect 'em, but I gotta stay strong,
  • One day sunlight will slit through this, meltin' it like a day fog,
  • Our ways halt, but we've still our space got,
  • Troubles faced, fought, result amazeballs,
  • Because you an angel even through hell your pace walked
  • You're learning, life's a college
  • Bittersweet, this ain't no porridge
  • Brace yourself, collecting all its
  • Trepidations, raucous moments
  • Catch yourself, 'cause now you're fallin'
  • This will heal, though now it's swollen
  • Some efforts and now you're smilin'
  • It's your time now, you're controlling
  • Yeah, this Slice of your Life!


  • I got more Thots than "The Scotts", its every "Day and Night" that im "The highest in the room"
  • Spooning Narcotics into balloons, stuffing your bitch's womb, My bars get your higher than a witches broom
  • Its not a game but your doomed, Really bra you couldn't see me on "Zoom", im the lion attacking the elephant in the room
  • Wanna battle old school then meet me at noon in front of the saloon, ten paces then "Boom!" I shot on two
  • And you need a tissue because you must be sniffing glue when you just a lil dog chewing on my shoe
  • Them rhymes are cute I'll make sure to 21 gun salute this prostitute to the troops
  • Trill got opps spooked when i hop out the water in my wet suit on a deadly pursuit
  • Screaming "Gimme the loot" if you're gonna shoot show me the proof, im the sabertooth slayer of crews and solo destitutes there's no rescue.

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