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just for fun do not take any thing serious no a pure diss

Max of 17 lines


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  • people wanna do drama
  • with no comma la ma
  • so come hunger little rapper lets fight now , fucking cow
  • first of all we are suffering form virus and than we have you holy shit plz
  • bare the earth its not only you just you and you
  • I know people like shit follows you which itself the worst thing ever happened to you
  • html to java you gonna get fucked by
  • a bava boo
  • nothing to say to small little penis
  • get bigger than come .
  • I am on fire and you are gonna get fired
  • like sods on the loda


  • another blind battle didn't see that coming
  • . oh wait, yes I did
  • but now I realized your trash
  • and your skill is very poor
  • that's not hard to recognize
  • cause your 0-4 and you
  • lost to ENONYMUS now that
  • we gotta talk about you should've
  • avoided me or like a skateboard and just ollie out
  • but now there's no backing down after this
  • battle you're done, you'll look up to me,
  • respect your elders and don't think your grand son
  • cause the way your battling, thinking you're running a good race,
  • when its actually a dry run, 0 wins, 5 losses, counting the L
  • I'm going to give you and I hope this battle sticks with you
  • like gum to a shoe

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