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  • It'll be a shock that I'm up against the smallest spark, I mean, he's an "omega", so he's given up before we even start.
  • you'll be giving up that "best battler" title before I beat ya with the punctuation, that's definitely "left a mark".
  • he's no lord, I'll duke him out, like I'm starting dutch chess, with a dutch defense loadout.
  • swords hit and sparks fly, but I refuse to understand why he thinks I won't dap him up, this a bar fight.
  • i mean that physically, see, you's a fallen star, disappearin' after the sunrise.
  • they call me a stargazer, which is why I'm keepin' my head up when the stars light.
  • but how you gon' be a spark, and start seein' ya fairy star lights.
  • to people, you're known as the "scary battle guy", but I'll have this Canadian at the point, like his flag says right.
  • this shit is straight raw, like what happened to the trees for Canadian BestBuy.
  • fuckin' around, spittin' my best lines, now like Knock Madness, i'll have this Good Guy Left Behind.
  • Now, I gotta bring respect where it's due, you're a good battler, you got the mentions.
  • But even you said to "bring the best bars", so I'm surrondin' you with 'em, like you need mental corrections.
  • and, how you gon' talk about flow's, when on the first verse of "Keep It Flowing", that shit sounded like concrete, waves crashin'.
  • he's a spark, but ever since unplugged, he ain't zappin', so imma stay socketin' it to ya/sock it to ya.
  • and as that may seem recycled, what else can I say, I'm goin' for paper like I'm an office worker.
  • Hell, I mean his voice is giving the vibes of "pot master", but he ain't brewin' shit.
  • Actually, I wouldn't be surprised, the only thing he's brewin' up is the beer belly, bitch.
  • Psycho gave me seven days, right before I was about to dip.
  • but like I'm playin' poker/poke ya, chips goin' in for a second time, full house with the double lip.
  • how you boutta "fuck a bitch" when ya pull out game's weak as in.
  • Hell, you treat that shit so much like a game, that ya mom's pregnant with her 7th kid.
  • it's hard to say that there's less of a chance that you "might best" this underdog, but imma keep you under, dog, even though you's the vet.
  • according to... Who again? The last time I heard shit from you, that quality made me think 2/10.
  • or, a construed thought out of 10, we're both in level headed states of mind.
  • but the question recurring, are you the state of mine? If not, I'll break it down to what I feel is fine.
  • you're steppin' into my minefield, you'll end up blowin' up, but not the music kind.
  • in this "Veterans VS Rookies", i expected shit to go down, the only shit that's goin' down is omega without the beat.
  • But I come back to this clown talkin' about flows and him trying to teach trolls how to "speak"
  • OmegaSparkz got me On My Extra Games At Sparrin' People And Rackin' Kills, now lemme make do like shaggy with the "Zoinks!"
  • Omega sparked a good fight, but let him be known that there is no lord when he's duked out with the "boink!"
  • and as this be the last line, I'll bury the Canadian in the maple leaves, goin' without the gloves like that agent, see/C
  • under the maple trees, keep you dyed/died orange, like the lorax wearin' some fuckin' maybelline.


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  • Damn Dap, you truly astounding me,
  • That soundcloud discography? Half ass, half diss downs on kids challenging
  • I see the pounds of beef, Dap lacks balancing
  • If he "die it"s soil based for this ground of meat,
  • Lemme break it down like Dow in streak,
  • My ill bars get crowds diseased, I swing once my foes home runnin' no quarantine
  • When Dap bites the bat the cough up will brown his teeth
  • I got a case of kung flu dont fuck around with me
  • Dap walking tall like some proud elite
  • but instead of using his platform for outstanding feats he'd rather use power to stomp out beneath
  • So if there's an ounce of meaning in that passage you left for Riot's read I hope you reflect at on how you treat
  • My treat you scream, today I aim low, so low I sweep out his knees
  • Did some sole searching Dap needs steps on getting clean from his mouthy deeds
  • All about the feet, I'd tell this rookie to break a leg but he gonna foot this injury on his hourly
  • Sends his challenge, before I reply first comment reads "you'll probably body me but a mans gotta try tee hee" props for stepping forward no cold cowards feet
  • But how you wanna overthrow TOE to TOE with a "Defeatist" mentality
  • Psycho for real, how you gon' let him jump steps to out-pound heavies when his gains ain't at speed with the calories
  • too tall order for little man doing routine standup with a hobo posture decrepit like a Gollum costume
  • Yall picked this location for the stretcher, Dap gon cry tap with audible volume
  • and when I got him in that foot locker? X rays got them fragment stripes of white & black like that ref in that logo on you
  • I'm actually doing the pad a favor by snapping his tendons
  • Dap got tracks on print but lacks any path to progression
  • He had a joint "when the rain falls down" irony aptly named
  • I weep for you Dap, want status Jay Z but holds a tune like Day Z sounding like undying in agonizing pain
  • Not sure what's sadder the subject matter or the possessed vocals as if you need a pastor,
  • His pipes got that left 4 dead factor, them "valves" aint made "4 stage" singing is "stage 4" cancer
  • A miracle not even Yeezus can fix, How you gonna sway us when clearly you ain't got the answers
  • Dap says he repping that R&R, funny sense of humor
  • sleeper of that "roster"? Nah ain't gotta "double 00" to sleuth this "rOOster"
  • Ima call PETA to do ya you dont fight fair, that tortured animal you got trapped in your voice box screams at us to stay woke from that nightmare
  • I mean, looking real Dapper Dap, standing shoulder with Johnny and Consey
  • Or should I say shoulder stanning you look like a real Daxter Dap,
  • Carry on as if that "Jack" sound will get you "play" in "stations"
  • I mean you even fail at that too let's face it, my "flow like shit" thread was a snot blow at YOU
  • Trying to force the writtens to fit in beat you drag more than a Rupaul fashion shoot
  • The result is awkward premie flow like Jim and Nadia after school
  • You just bust all over beat like Kat Dennings chest factor do
  • But oh hurrah! Daps got a new album for his fans to grab at soon
  • on the forums with a cover tease of this attractive dude
  • Hooded pale face lookin like only time he "active" is armed on a class to shoot
  • All that effort to look edgy with a face pointed away from lens, focus on on that pack of proof
  • a metaphor for facing his problem, a cover with mad excuses at why he cant look back at you
  • Lemme ease off from the jabs gaffs and goofs to drop a passage of truth,
  • Battling is the only true outlet to stab at a dude, otherwise every second I rap or drop knowledge it's to give back to youths
  • Dappah drops an album called Perspective without a master grasp on his craft he mad aloof
  • Telling kids to clear their clouds, Ima rain on that parade and ask at you,
  • if not seasoned, what fall? what did that damage do?
  • Here's a flash we all blow without fan bases, branch from feuds cause the legacy you leave dont make you look half as cool
  • Thats why I never lose, skill outshine and sun em stricter that several dads can do
  • Storm on em by turning the booth into my disaster room,
  • So to all Pad ima scope past Dap to aim and blast at you,
  • if even a second of your craft is wasted dissing putting tit for tat back tracks forward, dont ask for feedback ima pass at you,
  • Fuck your dramas and collabs, too busy putting massive work at being mad astute
  • building my talent smooth to status as raps baddest dude

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