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  • when i pull i pull up wit shooters
  • she be riding my dick like a scooter
  • most of these nigga is losers
  • but trust me im not clues less
  • u look like a doofus
  • nigga im on the come up
  • u can shut up and nut up
  • u need to make sure u dont fuck up
  • and imma bring yo bitch to me and bring my luck up


  • this is a new boy fucking with a nigga with a career,0.00 stay will ended up with a 0.01 longer
  • stay in rappad look at me son and do exactly what you told by your dad,this rappad is full of noobies looking at you fag
  • their dick aimin at you you wanna be like us i gotch you,how the fuck w54 gonna fuck with c2
  • don't follow bitch just dont exrcise me too,if puppet master controls you they are weak entity
  • if electro follows you he will leave you empty,he is a clown frog acting like joker
  • rap needs lyricist not a poker,the girls are hard to understand it seems they are hooker
  • i hope you aren't one of this,if u are one me and my slimes are ready to crucify you like Jesus
  • sit back and see the judas,fry you with a sauce and eat you like french jus
  • adopt your childrens and buy your spouse,this a lesson bruh face the reality
  • and you better have a sanity

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