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  • So your rap games wack so move on back
  • You chasing dollar bills but i chase that rack
  • Not your average joe cause my rhymes flow like snow you know
  • Where im from we dont smash and grab
  • We hit hit hit till yo coochie go mad
  • Always blessed never stressed cause man im onna go
  • On my hustle i start feeling like im pablo
  • Your really feeling special but no you not
  • Big news flash yeah you just a Thot
  • Truth hurt dont it yeah thats my bad
  • Crazy how u feeling it but dont get mad
  • Hope you catch my flow and if you do lemme know
  • Sipping on the syrip and it got me moving slow


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  • 23 lines that's pussy shit
  • Wholesale better pull up at the dealership
  • My team hunts like sharks that's why we're the shark gang
  • Making money no complaints but I steal your hoe and Imma make
  • that bitch my Lois Lane
  • Now tell me what kind of fuckin name is Wholesale anyways
  • Soundin like you work at Kroger bagging groceries everyday
  • While this dork's over rapping bout bagging fishes
  • Imma be out just bagging bitches
  • Year of the Shark coming soon put that on your wishlist
  • Tryna blow up huh you thought you was on some ISIS shit
  • Everything I touch turns to gold call me king Midas bitch
  • I aint bout some thug life I'm direct I tell it like it is
  • Pussies talking tough they on some Xbox Live and Discord shit
  • Truth is that they're shitty poets but they don't want to admit
  • I outsmart em and dodge em like Belle Delphine be dodging simps
  • Yeah I got a roblox head but at least I can get a bitch
  • Only bloods these losers be part of is Tampax
  • If it wasn't for me you posers wouldn't even have a rap
  • Y'all just keep tiring yourselves out acting like you'll win the race
  • but my bars lock you up like Tay K that's a fucking closed case

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