Battles  Kra_ZFrank vs M-Savage


Min. 18 lines, Written only!

Max of 56 lines


M-Savage won this battle!


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  • INTRO : M-Savage, what in the hell were you thinking?
  • I told you to prepare for your defeat when you asked me to send a battle
  • Hope you took my advice and enough with the small talk lets do this shit!
  • Wake the fuck M-, it's my favorite Bible Passage
  • Its 4:20 and i'm already about to get Savage
  • Somebody over there-----> is littering some Trash Shit
  • While I'm over here <------just letting my words Ravage
  • I'm moving on so enough with the trash talk, you can't track my Package
  • And as U-haul ass over the crosswalk, I mishandle some of your Baggage
  • But I'm keeping your little PsychoPuppet in this briefcase, you can't have it Back
  • Because PsychoPuppet didn't realize what he faced, I went on my Attack
  • Caught him sleeping on top his mountain where his sheep graze, he was Relaxed
  • And I Noah i'm not Moses but his loss been in the scripture for 2 days, its just a Fact
  • But enough with that Fuckin' loser, you shoulda waited cuz that was just a Preview
  • I still can't get him to stop send private messages, begging for another Re-do!
  • So now you want to challenge me and end up like him? Man what should We-do?
  • Its apparent where the fuck you headed and since your transparent...look down, its See-thru!
  • I'm like a psychologist the way I FALLow Up, get in your head and Fuck with your Mind
  • Catch you sleeping like I'm Freddy Kreuger welcome to this Nightmare on Kra_Z Street, hope you Find
  • Your way outta this mess you created and why you chasing me man you ain't no Jason, I see you.... I ain't Blind
  • I'll break out my chainsaw like Michael Myers and deforest all this paper that you waistin', now leave me alone i'm not your Kind
  • Bud I'll roll you like your a Backwood, cause its obvious your getting Smoked
  • Don't even need a flame 🔥 cuz im on fire, im a Pyro and im just getting Stoked
  • So as long as I have Oxygen and desire, I'll rage on Godzilla like.. when Provoked
  • I see you cooking up some stir-fry in Ja....pan, I'll wage war Pearl Harbor style Sub bombs 💣 Supersoaked
  • But let me switch it up cuz im sharper than any Blade
  • I'll hit you with some tweezers and leave you with a Fade
  • Looks like your browsers in unison can go on one big Escapade
  • You've been clippered before you even noticed i'm on My Stage
  • So I yell out to the crowd and tell em'....... It's about to get Kra_Z
  • Let's get Kra-Z starts playing in the background this crowd Amaze-Me
  • Its like they know every Fucking word yet no one on here Appreciates-Me
  • Maybe im just too sophisticated for Rappad should I dumb down so you can Relate-See
  • FUCK everybody who can't respect me for who I am and what im Doing!
  • Fuck everyone else too cuz amongst the crowd not a single damn Booing!
  • Fucking M-Savage this could of been avoided but this is at your Choosing!
  • So start begging your followers for votes cuz no Fucking way i'm ever Losing!
  • Now let me explain a few things different about me and you
  • I believe in quality and perfection meticulously seems to follow thru
  • You believe in quantity and upon inspection you fail what you seek to do
  • I'm skilled and a Carpenter by the day so what about you?
  • I Imagine your just in your play-pen trying to is it true?


  • More than warned before giving his force cause to mourn.
  • If this is my "moment of silence" it's before the storm.
  • If this is my reign then it's sure to pour.
  • You're just a puppy compared to a wolf; shorter paw.
  • You try to feign a minor gain,
  • That's why the game is mine again.
  • Homey, show me why you callin' em "cronies"..
  • Oh, coz they'd hold up your bird, like crow knees.
  • You say you don't rebuttal, but you do and that's the trouble,
  • Coz you try to and you struggle then you quit it on the double.
  • It's like you write your rhymes just for me to benefit.
  • "Gatling gun" style? you're so painfully repetitive.
  • Said you pack a "Gatling gun"? alright.. possibly..
  • But I'll disregard the canon like your verses are apocraphy.
  • Kinda like a Gatling gun, as if your verse were worthy,
  • But if one hit couldn't hurt me then the same applies to thirty.
  • Your verse was hella wordy, you said a lot..
  • And at one point I thought it might never stop.
  • But not one line was a clever shot,
  • And I doubt it turned out how you meant to drop.
  • I can tell you were trying for better lines,
  • Then your "state of Nirvana" said 'Nevermind'.
  • I'll take a bow before I'm "sent to hades", you're forever damned.
  • What "amputation"? ..your text's second hand.
  • Sure you edit some out, sit and replace it..
  • But I don't feel-lines twice like "a glitch in the matrix".

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