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24 lines Min..Written only & Exclusively for this battle! Be a good sport and keep it entertaining! All else goes....

Max of 64 lines


PsychoPuppet won this battle!


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  • Tonight representing all the crazy people in the world in
  • black and gold trunks weighing in at 195lbs...... Kra_ZFrank
  • -------CROWD GOES WILD CHANTING KRA-Z...KRA_Z.....KRA_Z --------
  • His opponent and current Heavyweight Champion of the world representing Everything
  • wrong in Rap Music Writing in ummm damn is that a speedo? Uhmmm(clears voice)
  • In a White speedo with Silver glitter weighing in at undisclosed ..... PsychoPuppet
  • --------CROWD APPLAUDS AS HIS FOLLOWERS CHANT Psycho...Psycho...Psycho-------
  • REFEREE enters ring as Opponents prepare for the battle of the century in their corners
  • They touch gloves respectfully and head back to their corners
  • Kra-ZFrank blacks out in his mind and this is his account of what happened next.....
  • I skip across the ring while flapping my arms like they're wings figured all what the hell
  • Mind as well get in this fuckers head so as he approaches I just said..look its TINKERBELL
  • Shits about to hit the the fan what he doesn't understand like PETER PAN he's cast in my spell
  • Motherfucker started laughing I picked my path caught him with my CAPTAIN HOOK and as he fell
  • I turned into a Puppetmaster cuz he was headed for disaster and I still have some strings to pull
  • So before his knees hit the mat and his face fell flat I lifted him back up and said.... hey we cool?
  • He said naah im about to go Psycho started to jab with his right so like Mr. T I said "I pity the fool"
  • I think he's in a daydream cuz I brought my A-team so I start Howling Mad like Murdock Awooool!
  • Ding Damn he's lucky, back to the corner we go, but I sense the fear upon him
  • Round 2: Ding Ding Ding
  • Quick back on my feet I approach real fast man i'm about to let loose
  • Stay on track with my LOCO-"motive" in a frenzy I unleash a Caboose
  • Not only am I conducting all the shots I reverse engineered his noose
  • Nose my bad he Psycho mad now he's head hunting so I duck duck goose
  • He caught my in my ribs with a left so I released my bad breathe he backed up real quick
  • I'm about about to Mint a new phrase and as hes still fazed I Pennywised.......tagged em' your IT
  • Like Steven King I checkmate this Drama Queen I'm no Rook so I strategized my next hit
  • I dig deep down with all my force and lay an uppercut up Pawn his chin no games type shit
  • ( REF BEGINS COUNTING) 1, 2, 3, 4, ..DING, Damn he's saved by the bell like Mario Lopez
  • Barely able to get back to his corner i start to sympathize for PsychoPuppet but I must show No Mercy
  • Round 3: Ding Ding Ding
  • We both come out swinging like we at the park, so I see-saw an opportunity and took advantage
  • This ain't no picnic but I know how to pack a punch, so I showed him my brass and dropped a knuckle sandwich
  • Channeled my inner Bald Bull rush him quick right,left,right,left til both his eyes started to glitch twitch
  • He barely can see so i hit em like Soda Popinski a few more times eyes closed up he might need a stitch
  • Now left almost blinded I took time to remind him that he doesn't deserve the Belt cuz i made him Buckle
  • Up in his face again couple hooks about ten to his jaw like Glass Joe he dazed for days and i just chuckle
  • Hes trying to rest on my shoulder should of knew cuz I'm older that he would try to Tyson my ear.. i cry uncle
  • So I Holy-fielded about 30 more punches crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch,..., what a joy I land quite a bundle
  • Ding You gotta be kidding me how the hell is he still standing? Obviously he needed help back to his corner
  • Round 4: Ding Ding Ding
  • I gotta give PsychoPuppet props you know how to roll with the punches and can take them in stride
  • I also should give PsychoPuppet mops cause he's a bloody mess also so he can clean up his pride
  • And here's some gloves headed straight up to your head down to your conscious yep.. you'll survive
  • A few roundhouses and then square to the nose again now its triangulated and shifted to the side
  • He swings and misses just like his disses suckerpunches me in the back my head, damn he is such a play-maker
  • In the ring I play fair needle-less to say he's about to hit the hay, im wound up and wind up landing a hay-maker
  • And as he stumbles back while under constant attack, I pound him again ounce by ounce whoo! Its a breathtaker
  • As he hits the mat alls i heard was huge splat, now all he's seeing is stars so i say goodnight to the stargazer
  • ( REF COUNTS OUT) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,..10 He raises my hand in the air and the crowd goes insane....literally
  • Kra_Z.........Kra_Z.........Kra_Z...........Kra_Z they chant, and I wonder how PsychoPuppet can still sleep thru it all?
  • Kra-ZFrank.....I raise my arms as the BELT is placed around my waist and the crowd rushes the stage this is so Insane
  • End of Story! I felt the Glory! Maybe PsychoPuppet would of been better off just to Ignore me! But let's see his-------->


  • You ain’t hot dog I came for the kill so if Frank in my grill I’m cookin his ass
  • Like a frankfurter can’t push Frank further when I’m only 16 and makin double the cash
  • Just a couple bars in and ya forehead already drippin with sweat stains
  • Cause I already left Frank/franc in a box it’s like a french bank
  • I got a gun so big it’s givin me chest pains
  • Can’t lay me to rest, come back when you can get laid
  • I bet you and ya right hand made a lyrical sex tape
  • While I raise the roof and kill shit like Timothy McVeigh
  • Ya bio says “let me keep it fresh” well clearly ya bio ain’t ya BO
  • Try and keep it fresh when ya corpse rottin cause I put more squares in check than a game of bingo
  • Kra/cray fishin for compliments but when it comes to the battles he waterin em down
  • Of course Kra_Z out here praisin a Psycho, you been the biggest wannabe around
  • I keep battlin the same person over and over, that extra somethin special ain’t there
  • So it makes sense his only written is called “Suffocating” ain’t like he was a breath of fresh air
  • And his rhymin been trash only time Frank get signed is when they signin his cast
  • Unlike you I do write fire cause I done murdered on more tracks than Snidely Whiplash
  • Giallo with the rap flows if we ever bury the hatchet, it gets buried in ya cock
  • Sell shirts with ya face to fund a charitable cause: my marriage to ya mom
  • Claim I ain’t got the drive till ya body stuffed in the back seat
  • Ya mother got foot fungus with acne and feeds it to drunks in an alley
  • Come talk to me when you can make a buck from this shit my hills of bills are continually risin
  • Every fuckin time I rap I got double on the dash it’s a sign we ain’t equal with the writin
  • Put ya trick on the block and call it street magic while this motherfucka been average
  • I been in hundreds of battles, you ain’t got a single one and still you duckin M-Savage
  • To be Frank, who would ever wanna really be Frank?
  • If it’s beef get rolled for ya cheddar that’s philly cheesesteak
  • Just quit tryna share others’ blueprints and go find ya own style, you such a nuisance
  • When it comes to Frank’s writin ain’t nothin to it, I’m heavy on the substance like drug abusin
  • Ain’t nobody heard you on the mic but Frank is known for Something Stupid
  • I would tell you to face the music but ya dumbass thinks writtens are just like music
  • I could have gone unlimited but since he faced a legend
  • I made his stock drop with the 3-0/30s it’s the great depression

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