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Can be about anything. 14 lines - 18 lines. Written only with no instrumental. May the best man win. VOTE HONESTLY.

Max of 18 lines


RuggedWRLD won this battle!


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  • I'm not tryna beg for no ones submission
  • I'm just tryna get a few people to listen
  • I'm just out here tryna shoot with precision
  • Not crack a nut by using a steam engine
  • I tend to do the wrong things but with the right intentions
  • I'm blinded by other people's opinions
  • Need to start focusin' on my own visions but all I see is the tension
  • My resilience is mixed with ambition like a fresh prince, feel like Will Smith
  • I've been through some rough shit but since then I've really made a big difference
  • But what gives when my ignorance is so bliss
  • All the hate don't die like a horde of roaches
  • So I can't help but notice as it approaches
  • I double the doses cause I'm feelin' low and hopeless
  • All alone, feel like I'm on my own and soulless
  • Don't know where to go, or where I belong like I'm homeless
  • So Ima roam and make my way until I feel like I'm Moses


  • Eh yo, you ain't beef worth this battling
  • matter of fact, you ain't hell worth this hustling
  • lets not throw stones when our house is made of glass
  • I really wanna roast you, but i don't want to burn trash
  • I don't know why you think you boogie
  • how you a guy yet you got so much pussy?
  • Don't get me wrong, it's really just a song
  • don't get you panties in a knot, or should I say thong?
  • Cause you the dick with the balls
  • man you should grow a pair
  • The only thing this nigga can rap
  • is my burrito.
  • Someone get a bowl
  • cause he just got served.

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