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  • yea


  • I know you're probably too ignorant to listen, but I got to tell you one thing
  • There's one staff, one crown, so there can only be one king
  • The highlights of living is not to prove how much one can bring
  • It could be the nonchalant spirit of one whom chooses to sing
  • But you my friend, have no silver-lining through hope other than your nose ring
  • One goes from life to death in the blank-of-an-eye
  • Once your time has come, only the "one in a million" would cry
  • The only way you think you could get by is by getting high and high
  • Time and time again, would you not even bother to try
  • Try to get more green than the trees of a Bonsai
  • Nobody on here is the greatest, all the greatest ones have been fairly departed
  • Trying to reach the status of such ones would make you seem mentally retarded
  • I would never encourage such one to give up before they started
  • But in your case, I might as well cut down your harvest
  • I might not be the only one to do it, for half of these people are half hearted.
  • Rapping is not something to get attached to, as the generation of it has clearly fallen
  • One more post like that would make everyone hate you like Stalin
  • It'll make them 'throw shade' at you, and orbit around you like an apolune
  • And being easily triggered as you are, you'll no doubt start brawling
  • But then you'll fail, and then have no choice but to start crawling.

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