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  • daddy daddy


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  • CTM_ybnjemarionrapking
  • yall wanna dis us like crack that rap was whack jordiin u changed yo name
  • to hide the shame of taking a loss comein at me u know there gonna be a cost
  • so u wanna battle and u lost last time that i check my bars so cold hang yo ass
  • by yo neck im not done yet. yall diss us cause yall trash yall need to delete that rap
  • forget about and leave it in the past. yall know my bars cold when i bring this
  • 4th quarter pressure yall finna fold cause when i rap i go for the gold that
  • rap had no bars my level is so high if yall wanna talk to me meet me at mars
  • see yall can catch smoke if yall wanna play ill fuck yo bitch like 96 all yall do is snicth
  • if yall come for me ill treat dog make my bitch yall cant all yall do is cap
  • yall wanna diss the ctm gang this no game we spit our bars put dem bitches in
  • the hall of fame yall raps they good im young nigga rasied in the fuckin hood
  • where the police think im no good yall acting like fools take yall dumb asses
  • back to school i dont even know y yall did that shit yall acting like a big bitch
  • look like ugly ass witch
  • CTM_liltaylord
  • niggas are clowns putting on shows
  • until nigga get mad he get expose
  • nothing to say mouth froze
  • i be balling like derose
  • dont care who dont like it this the life i chose
  • been coming out my shadows
  • niggas im trying to put in a grave number one TLO
  • dissing ctm and shots they blow
  • got folks cant ride solo
  • niggas are hypocrite
  • trying catch there head in a bucket
  • niggas thinking they that they the opposite
  • what do yall not get
  • i play yall yall my puppet
  • playing niggas like im legit
  • dissing niggas im desperate
  • thing yall say never expected
  • it dumb i give yall the credit
  • TLO in the grave now you can exit (HA!)

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