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no rules 7 days my lyrics about u goofy

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Battle on May 20 2020 and Battle on May 22 2020


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  • we want all the smoke whip out yo cash (NIGGA)
  • it go be gone like you seen flash
  • you got big banks riding first class
  • dont pull out yo stash
  • if you do better do the dash
  • that flexing talk go be your last
  • CTM_queen_babe:
  • Nigga whippin out cash
  • drama and a comet to crash
  • I'm fucked up, out of parly and control
  • The plan was to escape from this hell hole
  • CTM im on my grind
  • nigga dont wanna cross that line
  • life get decline
  • think it a joke till your life get resign
  • graves open anytime
  • life tragic sun dont shine
  • CTM_queen_babe:
  • Su, That's the call for your crew
  • Showin' much love: that's what the kid do
  • With that motherfucking pistol sayin, bitch, I want it all
  • Bribing with cash, claiming that you ball
  • nigga dont understand
  • dont get attacked
  • my hands go blast
  • now you in that grass
  • all you can do is gasp
  • you life got crashed (HA!)
  • CTM_queen_babe:
  • Yo these rappers buggin, nothin but actors frontin
  • Cuz you can predict what Imma do nigga, keep fightin'
  • Really torn to shreds because of somethin he said
  • And on top of that I'm stone cold paid
  • nigga are whack
  • mama sniffing that crack
  • know raising a crack baby
  • acting crazy on a daily
  • CTM_queen_babe:
  • They ain't got the heart to battle us
  • You ain't that big, shit's lookin' like a dress
  • This shit's gonna be fun, be fun, be fun
  • Let us march on 'til victory is won
  • queen_babe we all ready won
  • say they want smoke but they aint want nun
  • hands been swinging just for fun
  • say the word i'll get the job done
  • CTM_queen_babe:It's official you fuck niggas 'cause Plies even
  • I saw the stairway to heaven
  • But in the meantime there are those
  • Candy doors open and close


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  • //Hey J-Z-N-A, get me my 100% win rate
  • Ight, so a blind man would see that you are looking for a door
  • This motherfucking prick tries to go hardcore
  • It's fantastic how you think that you are not trash
  • My bars are pure gold, yours are scrap, fuckin sociopath
  • Your bars are only cool because they're dead( facts)
  • No one will ever give you any street cred
  • My bars give off smoke because my passion is the eternal greek fire
  • Lecturing us about grammar when your life was a typo
  • It was supposed to be an XS not an XL on the condom box you psycho
  • So you spending your life on benzos since your father left ya behind
  • You are no gangsta, you are a drama queen
  • At thirteen you have a bigger mouth than me
  • Too bad you can't do shit with it, but you are desperate
  • You've been resurrected just to be disrespected
  • My win is cemented because your verse is retarded
  • You started a battle you can't finish
  • You barely got enough bars for a jail cell, I am Alcatraz
  • I am not gonna let this pass, bitch you failed your class
  • I can't get two coherent sentences out of you, dumbass
  • I'll only shoot with high brass at you until all that is left is ash
  • You gotta get your hands dirty if you wanna write paragraphs
  • What scares me most about you is the copypasta
  • Come on, I wanna see at least an original line
  • You say I get mad cause you expose me
  • For what bitch, what have I done wrong or hid away
  • U are using that verb just cause it sounds okay
  • Leave the microphone for good, you fool
  • You are that person in the horror movies whose dream didn't come true.

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